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Top Watch Brands in The World Are Now Valuing Sustainability

"Sommer Hirsch" (2019-10-03)

A watch is a wonderful accessory that looks awesome on all occasions. It is an element of status and style symbolism. Today you will find a multitude of men watches, but it's impossible to find that timepiece that fits your budget and that encourages you for the green living. Many best watch brands for men are focusing their attention on social responsibility. They are switching towards creating fashionable wood timepieces made with the sustainably sourced wood and using ethical practices.

Cannon Beach, OR, USAAlso, watches do not have to harm the animals to be trendy. Metals and plastic watches may look interesting and gorgeous, but they are not at all sustainable. They release a significant amount of co2 and other issues that deteriorate the environment. Also, the brands that remove the batteries from the timepieces are taking a vital step towards nature conservation.

Mercury Leakage from the Batteries Are Posing Bad Effect on the Ecology

Just note that the used batteries can pose a serious threat to the environment if not disposed of properly. It is because the usually possess heavy metals like nickel, lead, cadmium, mercury, etc, that can pollute the surroundings. When burnt, few metals might release into the air and pose health issues. Today, top watch brands in the world are creating high-quality timepieces that showcase optimal quality, great design, and constructed to last for a lifetime.

Why Wood is the Greenest Choice?

a) Renewable

Wood is the most eco-friendly raw material that is biodegradable and renewable. It also gets replenished itself after each year.

b) Good for the Environment

Wooden items stop climate change and pollution to a great extent. Trees absorb the carbon throughout their lifetime. They store it in their trunks as they age and when these trees get converted into wooden items, they continue to store that carbon. Therefore, the use of wooden watches means that you are saving the mother earth from the deadly greenhouse gas emissions. Also, note that this process does not stop here, you can also recover solar energy stored in the wood at the final stage of its life cycle, i.e., by burning it. It is actually an effective way to replace conventional carbon-emitting energy sources like natural gas, oil, and coal.

c) No Waste

Due to the vast improvements in technology over the last few decades, wood manufacturing industries have created zero waste. It means that the bio-products from the production can be reused and repurposed. Also, when the wood is harvested, few portions of it is processed into lumbar and some of it if turned into other wooden items, and rest of it is used for the energy production. But nothing gets wasted at all.

d) Long Life Span

Wood is the robust building material on earth that need less maintenance. Also in comparison to the wood laminates, plastic laminates, and other engineered wooded items, they have more life when refinished.


Wooden watches lower carbon and energy footprint while eliminating the waste. Top watch makers usually use durable wood such as alder, mahogany, maple, balsa, oak, teak, beech, hickory, and walnut, over softwoods like pine, spruce, redwood, and yew. Thus, they are bold, beautiful, budget-friendly, and 수험생 aesthetically unique. 'Mistura' is one of the best watch brands for men in the world that is dominating the online market. The wide range of beautiful wooden timepieces is an incredible green solution over other timepieces available in the market.

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