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"Micheal McCarthy" (2019-10-13)

D6qiddBW0AA0NNc.jpg%5CMysteries and Secrets of Freemasonry: Part I
Concealed Mysteries and Lost Secrets
Is Freemasonry explanation for many wild conspiracies? Are they conspirators from the coming New World Order? Or are these claims only a lots of radical conspiracy theories disseminated by people that want to make-up wild stories?
Is their long history that supposedly traces back for centuries merely a conglomerate of invented stories strung together? Or is this fraternity truly as ancient since they claim? Why do they've secrets? What are they concealing? Do they think they've got the handle for the real truth? And who have been the mysteries Rex Deus families who were strangely behind Freemasonry?
Many everyone is too interested in learning this enigmatic and secretive Fraternity from the Freemasons. So it's time and energy to delve into these cryptic questions and try and get the truth!
First let's ask, why is Freemasonry definitely a secret society? What secrets and mysteries creates this change august fraternity hold? Those who are not members may don't know. However, we are able to find a lots of information regarding Freemasonry in libraries, bookstores, or online sources, and various publications they disseminate, whether it is details about their philosophy, handshakes, signs, grips, tools, rituals, symbolism, histories, etc. That is, when we trust that which you read. Most likely their innermost secrets will continue concealed from your public; however, some say pieces have leaked out, whether accidentally or by members which are impelled to talk out - unless these were purposely disseminating propaganda. Quite often secret societies use disinformation in an attempt to match the public, while still concealing their deeper secrets.
Freemasons claim there are no real secrets inside their Fraternity, that any secrets have been in plain sight, whether are disclosed on the internet you'll find almost anywhere, the symbols inside their rituals, costumes, buildings, implements, other artifacts and paraphernalia, etc. They say only certain passwords and signs of membership are secret, with no more; that anything else is revealed. But perhaps this supposed openness is simply a ploy, to hide their real secrets. Perhaps we will can't say for sure. You would have to turned into a Freemason to find out for sure, and learning the deeper secrets will take years. Especially when looking at their search for what they call the "Lost Word."
Their own legend states until this Fraternity once possessed a most sublime Word, that was lost in the mists of time, so they had to create a substitute word -- which only they do know. Also, certain legends the old Craftmasons possessed various symbols and signs whose meanings were also lost. All this was probably lost on account of passing info from person to person, or teacher to student, as exemplified in the old telephone game, this means whatever was original spoken could possibly have gotten changed or lost, and in this pass-down tradition nothing was permitted to be written down apparently; hence, the deeper significance got lost somewhere along the line. I have heard that for these reasons the Masonic Order has become just a clear shell, void of the original meaning and significance with their teachings and symbolism. Perhaps that's their big secret - that they lost all their secrets! Except, now we all know this - and so the secret is out!
However, another theory is always that nothing was lost, that they can are still a fraternity with a rich tradition of esoteric teachings, and also the idea of anything becoming lost is only a cover-up to protect them in addition to their innermost secrets. All that look for online or literature about them could possibly be just misleading disinformation. So, either they will really did lose something valueable, or declaring this can be simply a ploy to derail the curious public. However, we might can't say for sure which can be true.
There are lots of theories concerning the Lost Word. Some say it's merely symbolic for your Divine Truth itself, which can be beyond words, but a matter of experience, that by meditation and mystical pursuit it could be acquired. Others say it requires to do with the secrets name of God as typified in Kabbalistic Jewish mysticism inside the teachings with the mysterious Tetragrammaton, expressed as YHWH, or Yodh-He-Waw-He. Some translate this as JHVH, then rendered as Yahweh, and then into Jehovah. Some claim this lost word is because of the mystical three-lettered word utilised by Freemasons that is certainly concealed from the letters A-U-M; plus certain Eastern traditions this is chanted because Aum, or divine sound of Creation itself, as God speaks His sublime Word out in the void to generate all that's. So we as human co-creators might also speak this mystical sound of creation, to speak the Word of creation. Some secret schools may interpret this as the usage of Magic of their sacred rituals and practices. Others suggest that discovering the Lost Word has to do with acquiring scientific knowledge, and even spiritual wisdom, that perhaps there is never an authentic literal word, but something higher or deeper implied that needs to be accessed mystically. So the quest continues. Perhaps we must exceed the traditional idea of virtually any "lost word" and mediate, to listen within, and discover the Truth for ourselves, a little bit at a time.
One of the most enigmatic mysteries behind the Freemasonic Fraternity is the legend that this true founders were the mysterious priestly Rex Deus families (Latin: God King). Their hereditary lines can be traced returning to the ancient Hebrews, and especially King David, and time for the traditional Temple of Jerusalem. The belief is always that the Rex Deus individuals are also descendents with the category of Jesus. Certain legends are convinced that Jesus and Mary Magdalene had married and bore children; hence, they come up with royal bloodline of Christ. This is a claim that most Christian churches flatly denounce, saying such an idea is blasphemous, although a lot of open-minded people do accept this possibility. However, Freemasonic tradition holds how the Rex Deus families come up with Knights Templar Necklace Templar, and later on the greater recent incarnation with the Order of Freemasonry - since it statements to be much older. Quite possibly the first people in these orders were part of the Rex Deus families. Perhaps many descendants of those early Craftmasons carried this sacred bloodline; hence, some members of Freemasonry today may carry abdominal muscles blood of Jesus! If you can believe this elaborate legend. Believe it -- or otherwise.
In fact, Rex Deus symbolism is found in numerous carvings of Roslyn Chapel in Scotland, and also many churches and cathedrals across Europe; however, they are usually expressed as Templar symbols, and later on found in Freemasonry. But many claim this proves the Rex Deus lineage was the principal instigators of what soon became Freemasonry, considering that is dependent on record. But whether such "facts" are valid or fabrication is uncertain. Likewise, it's uncertain whether or not the connection between the Rex Deus families and also the Knights Templar and Freemasonry is even valid.
Also you will find there's claim that this Rex Deus tradition influenced Johann Valentin Andreae who allegedly wrote mysterious literature that assisted in the development with the Rosicrucian tradition.
So, it appears obvious that the Freemasons do hold certain secrets and mysteries, and they also do disseminate disinformation to shield their innermost secrets. Of all the information we can easily find, can we ever find out that is valid Freemasonic knowledge and that is propaganda? All we can easily do is keep digging for your truth of the matter.
With that, let's prepare to the next question: What may be the origin with the Freemasons? Are they the standard fraternity a variety offer to get?