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Collectible Antique and Vintage Cast Iron Toys

"Dinah Gleason" (2019-11-01)

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Antique Cast Iron Toys

Vintage and antique cast iron toys are highly popular as collectibles and nostalgic items. They range from animal-themed banks to circus-themed toys to Gene Autry's pistol.

Some of the most popular cast iron toys are those made from three top cast iron toy making companies: Kenton Manufacturing Company, Hubley Manufacturing Company and Arcade Manufacturing Company. Pictured: Vintage Cast Iron Toy Car photo by Le Petit Poulailler.

I've listed below some great vintage and antique cast iron toys for sale including: Arcade Cast Iron Toys, Kenton Cast Iron Toys, and Hubley Cast Iron Toys.

Antique Cast Iron Toys
Major Cast Iron Toy Manufacturers

Hubley Cast Iron Toys: Hubley Manufacturing Company was well-known for their 1:25 scale models of 1930s-era cars. They also worked closely with car manufacturers to produce plastic models for promotions. Other products included bookends and doorstops, along with toy horse drawn vehicles, dogs, tractors and guns. They went out of business in the 1970s, having tried to expand their business into too many markets.

Arcade Cast Iron Toys: Arcade Manufacturing Company started out making practical household and industrial items like coffee grinders and later expanded into toys. Popular items included animal-themed banks, yellow cab models and doll house furniture. Like many cast-iron factories, the company converted to manufacturing munitions during World War II, which impacted the manufacture of cast-iron items. The toy business never recovered and Arcade went out of business in 1953.

Kenton Cast Iron Toys: Kentron Hardware Manufacturing Company advertised their cast-iron toys with the slogan, "The real thing in everything but size." In its heyday, it was the largest cast-iron toy company in the world and produced more than 10,000 models of toys. The company was originally founded as Kenton Lock Manufacturing Company to produce refrigerator locks and later expanded into toys, changing its name to reflect that fact. An especially popular piece was a toy replica of Gene Autry's pearl-handled six-shooter, which sold more than two million copies.

Cast Iron Tractor Toy
Cast Iron Tractor Toy
Cast Iron Tractor Toy used as a doorbell, photo by puuikibeach

Tips For Collecting Cast Iron Toys - Vintage Cast Iron Toys

Beware of fakes. Some produces of fake cast-iron toys have gotten pretty good at fooling collectors, but someone with a discerning eye may be able to spot them. Most of the very early cast-iron pieces were made using a mold made with fine wet sand and it was a labor-intensive process. Pieces with obvious defects were likely to be melted down so the manufacturer could try again. If a piece looks cheaply or hastily made, it's likely to be a fake. Also, look for places where the iron is not smooth. These are signs of faults in the mold, which can be a sign of a fake. Manufacturers of genuine vintage cast-iron pieces were very particular about their molds and kept working with their molds until the pieces fit smoothly together without places where the iron could leak and cause imperfections.

Look at the quality. Considering that these were used as toys, a lot of them are going to show plenty of wear and tear. Look for pieces that have obviously been able to take the punishment of enthusiastic play.

Consider the price. Prices are likely to vary according to who is selling them, the condition, and how rare the piece is. Feel free to visit a few reputable dealers to get an idea of what a particular cast-iron piece might go for.

Do your research. Knowing what you are buying in advance can help keep you from getting ripped off. Price guides and resources for collectors of cast-iron pieces are very helpful.

Cast Iron Toy Identification Guide
Kenton Cast Iron Toys
Kenton Cast Iron Toys: The Real Thing in Everything but Size Buy Now Hubley Toy Vehicles
Hubley Toy Vehicles 1946-1965 (Schiffer Book for Collectors) Buy Now Vintage Cast Iron Toys
Hubley Cast Iron Toys
Cast Iron Banks - Antique Cast Iron Banks
In addition to cast iron toys, cast iron banks are also very popular as collectibles, both cast iron piggy banks and cast iron mechanical banks.

Antique Cast Iron Toy Value

This isn't really a toy, but it did belong in a carnival so it is kind of fun! Rare Antique carnival shooting gallery target cat cast iron - Value Worth - Sold for $5910.77

Antique Cast Iron Still Bank, Large Victorian House - Value Worth - Sold for $4272

Arcade Cast Iron Toy - 1925 Freidag Cast Iron 7 1/2" Panel Delivery Van, Mint in original Box - Value Worth - Sold for $4200

Cast Iron "BUTTING BUFFALO" Mechanical Bank Original Antique c1898 Americana Toy - Sold for $4000

Rare Cast Iron Boy Scout Camp Mechanical Bank Toy original 1912 Americana Toy - Value Worth - Sold for $3299

Cast Iron Jonah And The Whale Mechanical Bank Toy original 1890 Americana Toy - Value Worth - Sold for $2850

Rare Cast Iron Hen And Chick Mechanical Childs Toy Savings Bank Victorian c.1901 - Value Worth - Sold for $2806.89

Rare Cast Iron Boy Scout Camp Mechanical Bank Toy original 1912 Americana Toy - Value Worth - Sold for $2801

Very Rare Vintage Harburger & Homan & Co Geo W Childs Cast Iron Cigar Cutter - Value Worth - Sold for $2800

Cast Iron Reclining Chinaman Original Rare Childs Savings Toy Mechanical Bank - Sold for $2740

Antique Cast Iron Blinking Eye Clock Organ Grinder Monkey Bradley & Hubbard - Sold for $2610

J & E Stevens Elephant & Three Clowns Mechanical Bank Circa 1883 - Sold for $2551

c. 1888 Cast Iron Black Americana Darktown Battery Baseball Original Mechanical Bank - Sold for $2551

1939 Arcade Cast Iron Oliver Superior 7 Manure Spreader Tractor Original Box - Value Worth - Sold for $2380.54

Rare "Ives Fire Engine House" c. late 1800's - Sold for $2550

Cast Iron Black Americana Darktown Battery Baseball Original Mechanical Bank - Sold for $2226

Ives General Butler Walking Man With Original Box - Sold for $2175

Hubley Cast Iron No. 26 Indian Traffic Car Motorcycle Largest Size c. 1930 - Sold for $2495

Cast Iron "BOY STEALING WATERMELON" Mechanical Bank Original c1895 Americana Toy - Sold for $2000

Cast Iron Mason Mechanical Bank Brick Layer w/ Hod Toy 1887 Americana Toy - Sold for $1902

1930s Hubley Crash Car Motorcycle Large Size Cast Iron Toy - Sold for $2500

Cast Iron Lion & Monkeys Mechanical Bank Kyser & Rex Original Childs Toy 1883 - Sold for $1705.89

Cast Iron Original Monkey and Coconut Childs Savings Toy Mechanical Bank - Sold for $1677

Vindex Case Spreader cast iron farm tractor toy implement - Sold for $1602.79

Cast Iron Lion & Monkeys Mechanical Bank Kyser & Rex Original Childs Toy 1883 - Sold for $1513

1938 Arcade Cast Iron International Harvester Farmall red Double Disk in Box - Sold for $1500

Rare J & E Stevens Battleship IOWA Cast Iron Bank - Sold for $1483.89

Cast Iron Indian Shooting Bear Original Western Toy Mechanical Bank cir. 1883 - Sold for $1425

Cast Iron Paddy And The Pig Mechanical Bank Original cir. 1882 Childs Toy - Sold for $1425

Rare Hubley Cast Iron Toy "Say It With Flowers" Harley Davidson Delivery Motorcycle - Sold for $1338.13

Antique Cast Iron Toy "LEAP FROG" Mechanical Bank Original c1891 Americana Country Toy - Sold for $1300

Vintage Cast Iron Toy Teddy And The Bear Original Political Hunting Toy Mechanical Bank - Sold for $1277.25

Cast Iron Toy Paddy beauties and cars The Pig Mechanical Bank Original cir. 1882 Childs Toy - Sold for $1235.78

Vintage Cast Iron Toy - 1929 Vindex Case farm tractor plow Original, Very Nice! 10" Long - Sold for $1225

Antique Nickel Plated Crescent Toy Stove Old Cast Iron Salesman Sample Miniature - Sold for $1200

Vintage Cast Iron Toy Tractor - 1930 Vindex Cast Iron Case L Farm Tractor Very Nice Original 1/16th Scale - Sold for $1180

Vintage Arcade Cast Iron Toy Chevrolet Sedan 122X c.1929 - Sold for $1300

Heisler Live Steam Logging Locomotive Engine - Sold for $1200

Arcade Cast Iron Toy Tractor "International Tractor" - Sold for $1150

Cast Iron Punch And Judy Clowns Mechanical Bank Original cir. 1884 Childs Toy - Sold for $1116.51

1936 Arcade Cast Iron IH McCormick Deering Tandem Disc Harrow New in Box disk - Sold for $1077.52

Antique 1910 Toy Wind Up Cast Iron Train Set - Sold for $1058

Cast Iron Jonah And The Whale Mechanical Bank Toy original 1890 Americana Toy - Sold for $1040

J & E Stevens Monkey and Coconut Mechanical Bank 1886 Coconut - Sold for $1009.98

Cast Iron Frog On Round Base Mechanical Bank Original 1872 J & E Stevens - Sold for $1009

1930s Hubley Large Cast Iron Indian Traffic Car Toy Motorcycle - Sold for $1000

Steve McQueen Owned Motorcycle Crash Car cast iron toy Estate Sale 1984 - Sold for $999.99

Kenton Fairfield Ditcher Cast Iron Toy - Sold for $998

1930 Hubley Cast Iron "Lindy" NR-211, Lockheed-Siriu​s Toy Airplane - Sold for $995

Kenton Cast Iron Buckeye Ditch Digger -Red - Sold for $979.99

1930 Arcade Cast Iron Chevrolet Double Stripe Sedan 8" Long Original - Sold for $965.55

Rare early cast-iron Muller 25 lock-stitch toy sewing machine with box tools - Sold for $965

Kenton Cast Iron Aftermarket Painted Green Military Car with Military Men - Sold for $965

High Grade J & E Stevens "Shell Out" Cast Iron Still Bank - Sold for $965

Arcade Cast Iron Andy Gump 348 Roadster 1929 Original - Sold for $1250

Arcade #206 Arcade Cast Iron Stake Truck 7 1/4" Long - Sold for $950

1929 Arcade Cast Iron IH McCormick Deering Cream Separator New in Box - Sold for $937

1927 Arcade Cast Iron Fordson Tractor Whitehead & Kales Band Tires Super in box - Sold for $935.67

Kenton Cast Iron 3 Piece Coal Truck & Trailer - Sold for $915.55

Cast Iron Toy and Bank Values - How Much is an Antique Cast Iron Toy Worth?
These are some recent sale prices of antique cast iron toys and vintage cast iron toys. These prices are for informational and comparison purposes. These are NOT any type of appraisal prices, but rather what the market price was for a particular item that day. Antique cast iron toys, like any collectible, will vary in value based on its rarity, condition, and appeal to collectors. The sales prices can also vary widely due to the number of bidders in any one given auction. If two bidders get into a bidding war, an item may sell for much more than its normal value. Also, if a rare item is listed wrong or misidentified by the seller, it may sell for well under its normal value due to a misspelling, typo, is misclassification of the collectible.

Cast Iron Banks

Cast Iron Banks Cast iron toy banks were a popular way to store coins during the late 19th and early 20th century. They came in a variety of attractive models like miniature models of banks, various animals...

Cast Iron Door Stops

Vintage and antique cast iron doorstops were once a popular way to keep doors open. They began to appear in Europe during the late 1700s and were generally mass-produced though they were painted...

Antique Cast Iron Toys

Very beautiful and valuable vintage and antique cast iron toys for sale including cast irons cars, trucks, motorcycles, dogs, and more. Lots of Hubley cast iron toys, Kenton cast iron toys, and Arcade cast iron toys.

Cast Iron Tractor Seat

Explore the wonderful world of cast iron tractor seats and farm implement seats. Watch a video of the world record holder for the most cast iron implement seats, with more than 600 in his collection.

Miniature Cast Iron Stove

Miniature Cast Iron Stoves can be very valuable if they are originals. Often referred to as cast iron toy stoves, cast iron miniature stoves, and also there were actual cast iron salesman sample stoves. Read more...

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5 months ago

I have a original Station 1 mechanical piggy banks were can I get an appraisal on it Its different then the chinese copy it does not have a lever mechanism, it have a paver look roadway, it have flame coming out of the window and many different thing were can i get information


6 years ago

I have found buried in my yard a very old cast iron Victorian house bank toy, I have no idea what its worth, I can't see any numbers on it or a manufacturing company name. I do not want to clean for fear of devaluing the piece. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks K.L.


7 years ago

Wow, a treasure trove of information and resources to find something special! Thank you!

Steve Dizmon

7 years ago from Nashville, TN

I have a number of Cast Iron Toys. I have antique originals as well as some excellent reproductions. Some of the reproductions are made from old molds, show very well and are less expensive than rare originals. Enjoyed the lens


7 years ago from Benson, IL

Real cool. :)