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Planning An Affordable Trip To London

"Dina Hoskins" (2019-11-04)

3 years agoA sprawling metropolis that's home to some 14 million residents, London can easily becoming an overwhelming experience to first time visitors. A centre of commerce, politics and the arts, there's certainly plenty to see and do but without an itinerary in place, visitors might find themselves paying through the nose for basics such as accommodation, dinner and transport.
The key to an affordable trip to London is to plan your visit in advance. The first step is to work out the most convenient and cost effective means of transport, both into the city and around it. London boasts four airports, links to the rest of the UK via rail and motorways as well as connections to the continent via Eurostar. While taking a car to London might seem like a flexible method of transport, the nature of stop-start driving in heavy traffic means motorists can end up spending a lot more than they usually do on petrol and parking. It's therefore investigating rail and air fares before beginning your journey.
With four World Heritage Sites, numerous theatre districts, palaces, cathedrals and markets to explore, visitors to London are never short of things to do. For visitors staying for a long weekend, or less, it's wise to have a predetermined list of attractions with directions to and from in order to make the most of your stay. Some popular landmarks - such as the London Eye - might feature lengthy queuing times and these should be factored into any itinerary. Furthermore, the make your trip as affordable as possible it's wise to set yourself a realistic budget for excursions - such as ?�A�30 a day - as well as visiting a mixture of ticketed and admission-free sights to save money.
Being one of the world's biggest and most popular cities means London hotels and restaurants can quite happily charge a higher fee when it comes to bed and board. Opting for London hotels out with the first two tube zones will significantly reduce the cost of your stay. Ensuring your hotel offers a complimentary breakfast also enables you to fill up before a busy day, saving you the cost of buying your first meal of the day elsewhere. Given the number of beautiful parks and sprawling gardens dotted across London, summertime visitors can also take in the sights and line their stomachs at the same time with a picnic courtesy of one of the many supermarkets which are always easy to find.