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Weekly Webcomic Wrapup wishes you a happy holidays

"Christen Villegas" (2019-12-05)

Tre Cime di Lavaredo, Itália-text c-gray-1" >Dear readers,

Don't worry everybody, despite the warm and fuzzy sentiment expressed by this week's headline, we're not going full-blown " 피트니스 웹툰 TV holiday special" levels of cheesiness. Still, the holidays are upon us now, and we hope you all have a very merry Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa/Festivus/Wookiee Life Day/whatever it is you choose to celebrate.

And thanks for being our favorite present! Love, Joystiq
P.S. Of course there's a vote for webcomics! Check 'em out here and vote after the break:

MGDMT (I'm Really Bad At Fighting Dragons)
ReadySoup (Knucklehead)
Ctrl+Alt+Del (Prey)
Awkward Zombie (Hunter Gatherer)
Double XP (Recast)
Life in Aggro (To Fake A Remake)


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