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Magic Leap shifts focus to business with an updated AR headset

"Edmundo Elledge" (2019-12-12)

The cabinet includes controls for two players, who won't be quite so crowded together as on Arcade1Up's smaller machines. Those controls consist of a joystick, six buttons and a spin-wheel, though there's only a single trackball. Weirdly, I can't find a mention of screen size anywhere.

This is done by creating videos specific to the organization and is called Corporate Videos. The main aim is to promote a certain product to a large audience. We are all familiar with the advertising we see on TV. Corporations have caught on to this and initiated their own means of promotion.

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There are some notable titles, to be sure, including Asteroids, Fix-It Felix, Jr., Karate Champ and Missile Command, but also some notable omissions: No Donkey Kong, no Punch-Out, no Rampage or Mortal Kombat. As for the 350 games already included in the cabinet, you can find the complete list here.

One thing that hasn't been upgraded is how easy the drone is to use. And your first flight will be effortless -- simply hold the "launch" button in the app on your phone and select the person you want it to follow (so make sure the drone is pointing in your/their general direction when you set it down). Batteries connect magnetically, with a satisfying "thunk" and pairing with the app is seamless, something even DJI can't seem to manage. Mostly, because I'm not sure it could get any easier.

The net result was a temporary loss of video feed (but not video recording) during one flight, and a safe, if unwanted, "return to home" of the drone in the other. DJI's OcuSync video feed has a claimed range of over four miles, by comparison, so now that the Skydio 2 is hoping to compete, this is definitely an area it can make up some ground. Ideally, these things wouldn't happen when well within the claimed range.

You can control the Skydio 2 just fine with your phone for those tracking shots, and even carve out some basic establishing shots or wide angles, if you so choose. But with the official controller, the Skydio 2 breaks out of those chains and becomes a fully-fledged camera drone. But, and here's the kicker, you get all that smart AI obstacle avoidance thrown in to boot. Because it exponentially expands the usefulness of the drone.