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Here's What Every Film Fan Should Know About Movie Locations

"Linnea Highett" (2020-04-26) you think about movie locations, it's important to know if you are interested in where a movie was shot rather than what set a particular movie scene has. This distinction is key as the two can often get a little confusing & more often than not, they are seen as one in the same. A movie location is where the movie is filmed, and for film fans, these locations can become places that necessitate pilgrimages. Some movies mean so much to certain movie buffs that they have to see the actual site where filming took place.

To some, this might seem a little on the nutty side. What good could be accomplished by visiting a place that very well may be nothing more than a shell of what it was when filming occurred? Every few years, a story emerges about another film set & filming location that has been ravaged by the passage of time, which one would think would tend to make it lose its magic. But for the real film buffs out there, it's all about the journey, a course taken to make a particular movie come full-circle.

Here again, the easy blurring of location over set again becomes apparent. To be clear, location is where the movie was shot. Perhaps one more confusing point to bring up is how often a movie claims a particular geographic location when, in reality, the filming is nowhere near that area. Depending on the scope of the film, there may actually be numerous movie locations across the globe, which will mean some serious dedication by fans looking to see where their favorite epic film was put on celluloid.

Here are a few more things film fans should know about movie locations:

Made-Up Cities/Towns/Etc. - Sometimes the names of movie locations are made-up. Those behind the scenes look over the area where filming will take place and decide what type of name would fit. This can be a little weird when you watch a movie & clearly recognize the backdrop, yet you're hearing another city's name mentioned.

Inspiration Mash-Ups - At times, CGI can take landmarks from certain towns and blend them together to give audiences something 'original'. Perhaps a good, but slightly odd, example of this would be the TV show, The Simpsons.

A Little Under the Table - During the more rogue days of filming, movie directors would take chances filming certain sequences (sometimes whole films) without the proper paperwork in place. This ultimately gave these films a sense of tension and a level of intensity that might have been hard to get if shot otherwise.

Movie locations are an interesting thing in that they are not thought of as being central to the plot of a movie, but if you took the time to change the location of certain movies around, you simply would have a completely different film. It's almost as though the location is a character itself, and while it may not get the choice dialogue, it certainly gets the screen-time.

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