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Role of Quantity Surveyor

"Ahmad Strachan" (2020-07-25)

All countries of world are developing and growing very fast today. Everybody wants to grow fast. For growth everybody spent money and increase his budget of expenditure. Commercial buildings, shopping plazas, warehouse, retail stores and big luxury home & villas are increasing day by day. Cost of development is also increasing, for which a Quantity Surveyor is always needed. This profession is becoming popular in these days. Quantity surveying technique is all about cost management of construction. Quantity Surveyor (QS) primarily assesses the capital expenditure of a building or a facility after evaluating the feasibility, design and construction costs. The scope of work of a quantity surveyor is vast since the construction industry is global in nature.

In commercial construction involves many professionals but the most important one is a Quantity Surveyor. Note that the scope of quantity surveyor (QS) is not limited to commercial constructions only; a quantity surveyor is required while planning for residential constructions like house, apartments, guest house and flats. A qualified surveyor may work as a consultant in a firm or for a developer in a major company engaged in retail, manufacture or an infrastructure projects such as an airport or a power service. A major national or international contractor can also appoint a surveyor. What a Quantity surveyor actually does is to carry out estimations and control the costs of a construction project.

The job of Quantity Surveyor is very professional and starts right from the beginning, as soon as a developer plans to build a commercial property and comes up with the basic design and ideas; it is the quantity surveyor job to make construction cost estimations. Therefore a quantity researcher must be having the required technical knowledge and the basic idea of the costs that will be incurred during the construction work.

A Quantity Surveyor also helps in preparing bills of quantity, contract papers, and tender document. He/she may also be needed to advice on how to manage construction cost. In some cases the Quantity Surveyor job doesn't end on making estimation and decrease the cost of construction. They also required keeping a check on the proceedings and compiling progress reports for higher management. Quantity Surveyor working all the time with cost calculations, building materials, contractors and the likes make these professionals an expert on the methods of cost control. They can supervise projects and make sure that the project is going on the track.

The Quantity Survey process is carried out in all construction projects even big or small, however in routine projects it is the contractor or even the house owner who come up with these estimations. In big projects (such as shopping plazas or hotels), it becomes a very multifaceted job due to the size and nature of the project. Therefore, the QS professional must be a specialist because there's so much that depends on the estimation work performed by these professionals.

Good Quantity Surveyor must have multi-disciplinary skills, including outstanding understanding of construction methodologies and practices. If you have any concerns pertaining to where and how you can make use of Members of the Faculty of Party Wall Surveyors., you could call us at our own web-page. In addition, the surveyor must have the ability to manage finances, must have high degree of IT competency, good attention to detail, an organized approach to work, and excellent negotiating skills. The QS professional must be a specialist because there's so much that depends on the estimation work performed by these professionals. Before hiring a Quantity Surveyor for your project, you must make sure that he is a valid or chartered one. There are different organizations in different countries that charter Quantity research, for example "American Society of Professional Estimators" in United States, "Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors" in UK or "Australian Institute of Quantity Surveyors" in Australia.

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