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Boy has a lucky escape when huge bucket of water smashes through roof

"Sharron Boddie" (2020-08-16)

Shocking footage shows a young boy luckily escape after a huge bucket of water smashes through the ceiling.

He is playing on his computer just before the roof collapses and the room is flooded in Ben Tre, Vietnam. 

The container lands right next to his chair as metal roofing and water crashes down.  

The boy is playing on his computer minutes before a huge bucket smashes through the ceiling at his home in Ben Tre, Vietnam


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His family come to the room and look around at the destruction caused by the collapsed roof.  

No one was injured after the incident around 4.15pm on June 7.

In Vietnam, water reservoirs weighing up to a tonne each are built on top of houses and apartment buildings for daily use.

The water lands just inches away from where the boy is sitting as he makes a lucky escape

The boy turns away from his computer and looks at the destruction caused by the water

They can sometimes fall down due to rusty stands or other malfunctions.  

A dog is relaxing on the ground outside the room.

It jumps up and runs about shortly before the roof collapses while the boy continues playing his game. 

Social media users claimed the dog realised the danger before it happened. 

One commented: 'The dog realised the danger so early!'

Another said: 'The dog knew something was about to go down.'  

A third said: 'Wow, just happy no one was hurt.

This could have gone wrong very easily.' 

The boy's family enter the flooded room and look around at the damage caused by the collapsed roof