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A yob not wearing a face mask smashed up a petrol station in broad daylight after he was refused service and asked to leave

"Stephania Hansford" (2020-08-20)

A yob not wearing a face mask smashed up a petrol station in broad daylight after he was refused service and asked to leave.

The man snapped after being turned away by the cashier in the Greengates BP garage store in Bradford, West Yorkshire.

CCTV footage captured the outburst at 5pm on Saturday, the day after wearing protective masks became compulsory in shops across the country.

A yob trashes a petrol station shop in Bradford, west Yorkshire, yesterday after being refused service for not wearing a mask


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In the video, the customer approaches the counter where the assistant is wearing a mask.

He appears tries to buy something but the assistant shakes his head and he argues holding the cash.

The man upturns a display basket of goods, scattering them over the floor and then rampages down the aisle sweeping displays to the floor.

After trashing the store, the man storms out leaving the mess behind for the assistant to clean up. 

The man sweeps displays in the aisle to the floor after upturning a display basket of goods on the counter, scattering them over the floor

West Yorkshire Police has been approached for comment.

The outrageous behaviour came the day after the government brought into force a new law requiring people to wear face masks in shops.

Brawls broke out in supermarket aisles across England on Friday as shoppers confronted other customers for not wearing masks.

Senior police figures urged retailers to enforce the new laws forcing customers to wear face masks in all shops, stations, banks and post offices.

But there was confusion across the country with different businesses having different policies on coverings.

Teenagers are turned away from McDonald's in Aintree, Liverpool, for not wearing face masks as new regulations come into force on Friday

A shopper leaves Tesco on Goodge Street in Central London not wearing a face mask despite the new rules from today.

Young children and people with medical conditions affected by a mask are exempt from the regulations

McDonald's enforced the rules, with customers in a Chelmsford, Essex branch ordered to leave for not wearing a mask.

The fast food giant said takeaway customers will need to wear the masks but those who eat in the restaurant will not.

Meanwhile, customers reported seeing fights break out in supermarkets, with masked shoppers confronting those not wearing a covering. 

One person wrote: '10:05am I entered Sainsbury's, 10:08am there's a fight in the second isle because someone hasn't got a mask on and the lady with her kid was panicking and shouting at the anti masker .....

end result? 

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