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21 cheap and easy meals to cook for breakfast, lunch and dinner

"Vito Chun" (2020-08-25)

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Burrito bowls are made largely from pantry staples and can accommodate any leftovers you have on hand.


The coronavirus pandemic has impacted every aspect of life, down to the way we shop for groceries and what we cook (just witness the rise of homemade bread and ensuing shortage of yeast and flour). For many people, cheap and easy meals are always a priority -- but even those who have the time, budget and inclination to cook multicourse feasts on the regular are likely looking for affordable and simple recipes right now. 

and stress are even more of a factor for anyone without the good fortune to be able to work from home, including millions of and service workers who are currently unemployed.

're all cooking from our , minimizing and doing whatever we can to