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New And Emerging IT Certifications - Portfolio 2013

"Bert Cardillo" (2019-07-25)

Technology is an ever evolving sphere and meant to keep updating itself with swiftly developing modern times to cater the need of the young generation. The hiring managers in every organization require IT professional to display the measure of their credentials and 77-727 dumps expertise in various domains of IT. Starting from IT networking, virtual environment and cloud based computing to wireless technology, mobile app development and information security. As a consequence, IT professionals everywhere is on their toes to attain skill sets in these areas, both the entry level professionals and also the years old veterans to remain abreast with the changing trends.

The newly launched and latest IT certifications speak volumes to the prospective hiring managers. Besides, validating your skills for the prospective employers, it shows how eager you are to get your skills honed and you are ready to work beyond your comfort zone.

Let us see few IT Training and Certification trends and explore which skills are selling hot this season and why:

Big Data - With industry focusing on Big Data, business professionals are hence trying to determine if their data infrastructures are ready to cope with it. It has been found that today's data centers are on a collision course for big data. Open-source platforms have capabilities to analyze and process the required increase in data loads. Also, to ease the learning curve, these open course platform providers play a critical role.

Wireless networking - As the demand of video and multimedia distribution continues to grow, especially for the handheld and mobile devices, wireless technology is also evolving. There are many channels available. However, it is required to understand how the network is being used. The need of wireless management capability continues to grow as users these days sees the wireless connectivity as basic infrastructure.

CCNA Wireless Certification is one such IT certification that is considered as the most established forms of networking and communication certifications across globe. In this era where technology is changing form and structure, wireless revolution is encouraged and the professionals with valid skills to support such technological advancements are appreciated and are in demand. Cisco Certified Network Associate Wireless - CCNA Wireless training programs equip IT professionals with basic information and expertise to configure, secure and implement wireless Cisco networks.

Virtualization - With companies swiftly moving towards virtual technology as their basic computing platform, owing to the tremendous benefits it hold. VMware is the distinctive leader in virtualization technology and hence VMware certification holders are preferred than others in the IT marketplace. IT Training in VMware VCP 5.1equip professionals with skills, like using VMware vCenter Server and networking, installation of ESXi hosts, security and configuration of high-availability and other aspects.

4. Cyber Security - Today's business structure need companies to always be up and running 24/7, in such as scenario losing even a day's transactions mean a substantial monetary mishap and loss of credibility. Businesses cannot afford to do so hence, there are companies looking for information security professionals with apt IT certifications. Mainly, the demands are for developers -who can build secure applications, network engineers with information security training and certification and architects who understand handling secure systems and processes.

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