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However, after viewing a recording of the incident, it was found that no riding offence was involved and that it had not improved the placing of SO MACHO (IRE). Approaching the final furlong, KNIGHTCAP, unplaced, hung quickly left causing the rider of INSANIA, placed second, to ease momentarily but after viewing a recording of the incident it was found that no riding offence was involved. Following the race the Veterinary Officer reported that the winner, STAND BY ME (FR) had a wound on its left fore leg. Following the race the Veterinary Officer reported that GOOD TIME AHEAD (IRE), placed second, lost its right hind shoe and FINTECH (IRE), which was pulled up, had been struck into on its left hind. Following the race, Nicola Currie reported that SERAPHINITE (IRE), unplaced, chaturbayte received a bump when leaving the stalls. Following the race, Daniel Tudhope reported that SPARTAN FIRE, placed sixth, hung left throughout. Following the race, Paul Hanagan reported that SHABEEB (USA), which was pulled up, stopped quickly; the Veterinary Officer reported that a post-race examination of the gelding failed to reveal any abnormalities.

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