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Which of the two Windows 2000XP setup programs is a 32-bit program A 16-bit program

"Britt Charleston" (2019-08-17)

Added By DaviePCRepair:

Windows 2000 setup program is a 16-bit Program, Windows XP setup program is a 32-Bit program.

What is the real meaning of 16bit?
16bit refers to the number of bits that can be used in a single data format element. 16bit graphics are found in games that can be played on the original Nintendo Entertainment System console.

What is the bit depth for VGA?
Standard VGA is 16bit.

What type of microprocessor is 8086?
Its 16bit microprocessor, and -> the 8086 has a 16bit databus 20bit address bus -> the intel 8086,is designed to operate in two modes namely (1) minimum mode (2) maximum mode

What impact does a 16bit local address bus and a 16bit local data bus have on a system?
I assume your question is begin with "in a 32 bit microprocessor", then these 16 bit bus will slow down the whole process by their limited address.

The Intel 8086 processor is of how many bit?
8086 is a 16bit processor.

How do you write a program for addition of two 16bit number?
#include inttypes.h> #include stdio.h> int main (void) int16_t x= 7, y= 8, z=x+y; printf ("%d+%d=%d
", x, y, z); return 0;

Why is a 16-bit windows software considered to be legacy software?
Legacy basically means that is is from an old system. As virtually all computers built after 1986 have a 32bit or 64bit hardware command code set, software that uses a 16bit command code set is now old technology...hence legacy.

Is the Java compiler 16bit or 32bit?
The Java compiler itself (javac) is a 32-bit application.

Is pic16f877a microcontroller a 16bit microcontroller?
Yes, pic 16f877a microcontroller is a 16 bit microcontroller.

What is an algorithm and program to add two 16bit or 8bit numbers using 8085 microprocessor set of instructions?
( bINARY EQV OP CODE) MVI 20H ( 3E 20) MVI 10H (06 10) ADD B (80) STA 2030 (32 30 20) HLT (76)

Why are P8 and P9 connectors keyed a certain way?
so they fit correctly into an 8bit or 16bit slot

How many bits are in the Subnet ID blocks?
16 bits per block . 8 16bit blocks = 128bits

How many bits can the HCS12 CPU manipulate in one operation?
As it is 16bit processor it can manupulate 16 bits in one operation

How do you justify that Intel 8086 is a 16bit processor?
Because the accumulator and primary data path is 16 bits. Also, that how to add photo in mp3 song software Intel designed it.

Is there a game called mine craft?
There is definitely a game of the name minecraft. It's a 16bit game where you can change the environment around you with tools and materials etc.

What is an example of a nibble?
with a 16bit word you have 2 - 8 bit bytes or 4 - 4 bit nibbles bytes are called characters in ansi or ascii

What is the difference between a 16 bit and a 32 bit?
think of it as lanes on a highway16 lanes verses 32 lanes verse 64 hardly any cpus are 16 bit anymore not since 286 and early 386 cpus 16bit soundcards still exist as CD's still use this technologythere are ways to fool the computer or componets to be more then 16bit but it's always still 16 bit

Real mode operates using an -bit data path and protected mode uses an -bit data path?
Real mode -16bit Protected mode -32bit

Difference between 16 and 8 bit microprocessor?
n-bit microprocessor means how many bit can a microprocessor can process i.e as the operations.8bit means that microprocessor can process only 8bit addition , subtraction etc as in case.16 bit can process data of 16bit for any kind of operation to be performed.naturally the greater the number of bits to be processed the good it is. an eg of 8bit-8085 an eg of 16bit-8086 both if intel Anand bhat(mca@kiit-870024)

What are the functions of an accumulator register in 8086 microprocessor?
Basically its a 2 8-bit (which finally makes it a 16bit) register which holds one of the quantities to be operated on by the ALU and receives the result of an operation done by the ALU.

Is windows 97 an operating system?
Windows 97 was an unofficial name for an improved version of Windows 95. The original Windows 95 suffered from a number of problems and was continually upgraded. Windows 97 was the last upgrade before the officially labelled Windows 98. No, Windows 97 does not even exist. However, two of the oldest Microsoft Windows operating systems, are, "Windows 95", and, "Windows 98." That is not totally correct. There was an update for Win 95 that either...

Can you accelerate combat arms?
Yes, Defrag Disc, Clean up, Reinstall Pando Media Booster, Get gamebooster, compress combat arms and you'll be set (dont forget best performance.) you can also put CA to 16bit

How can you say that microcontroller is 8bit or 16bit?
Micro controller is 8- bit or 16- bit on basis of alu of micro controller speed of data execution if it performs 8 bit per sec then it called 8-bit controller and so on....

Why ax register must be used in multiplication and division?
bcz multiplication and division done in 16bit operation so we must ve to use pair of reg so we ve to use ax reg ....... thats why final value store in a and b pair of reg....

What are the answers to chapter 15 a plus guide to managing and maintaing your PC?
Chapter 15 Review 1. Io.sys, contains the basic I/O software for real mode. MSDOS.sys, a text file that contains some parameters and switches you can set to affect the way the OS boots. Config.sys, this files contains several commands such as how many files it can open, how many file buffers to create, what 16bit (real mode) drivers to load. The addition files loaded are and Autoexec.bat. 2. Because word processing software is notorious...

What is the instruction format of 8085?
An instruction is a command to the microprocessor to perform a given task on specified data. Each instruction has two parts: One is task to be performed,called the operation code (opcode). Second is the data to be operated on, called the operand. It can be specified in various ways,it may include 8bit/16bit data, an internal register, a memory location , or 8bit/16bit address. In some instructions, the operand is implicit. The 8085 instruction set is...

What is the difference between 16 bit and 32 bit color?
A better question would be - What is the difference between 16bit and 24bit color? Colour is usually represented on computers, & displayed using 3 colour elements - Red, Green & Blue. 16bit colour (known as "high colour") refers to the fact that only a total of 16 binary bits are used to represent each colour. This usually results in 5 bits being used for red, 5 bits for blue, and 6 bits for green...

Why are there diagonal lines going across my screen when my video card is in 32bit mode and not 16bit?
The diagonal lines across the monitor may indicate that there is an issue with the video card. Try the uninstall/reinstall process, then the monitor's Self Test facility. These actions should highlight any problems and hopefully remedy them.

How many 0s and 1s does a CD drive pick up per second?
Cd quality is 44100hz/16bit so this is a guess I ain't 100% sure. It's 705600 a second, if you think that's mad look up Super Audio Cd by Sony. Something like 2822400hz/5600bits

What is the h-L register?
A register in computer science refers to a section of RAM used to store and operate on their values. There are several registers, such as the A, B, C, D, E, F, H, and L registers, although, the names of these may very depending on the processor and the assembler. All of these registers mentioned are 8bit registers. Meaning, they can only hold 1 byte of data, ranging from 0 to 255. In order to...

List the advantages 16bit computers have over 8bit computers?
16 bit has 16 bits of memory and 8 bit have 8 bit of memory these are words of broadside transfers . Assume the main clock as fix timing just by transmitting 16 bits Vs 8 bits we have double the information available to the CPU.

How many bytes of memory space would be needed to store 2 minutes of speech sampled at 20kHz in uncompressed 16bit precision mono format?
20 kHz is not a particularly high sampling rate - it only reproduces sounds up to 10 Khz, and even senior citizens can hear that. The correct answer to the question is 4,800,000 Bytes.

Jurassic Park operation genesis fcm 2.0 how do you get both male and female skins in game without changing to 16bit or 32bit dvrex has found out how to do it HOW?
You go to screen resolution in options and change 32 bit to 16 bit The person above obviously didn't listen to your question, but i'm sorry you can't have them at the same time.

Is there a patch that will allow original 16 bit Adobe Photoshop 4 onto to your new 64 bit laptop so you can install your upgrade of Adobe Photoshop 7?
Your question is a little unclear as your mixing terms together that don't go together! You need a x64bit version of Adobe software to run on a x64bit machine. There was no 16bit Photoshop, it was 32. Or do you mean a 16bit colour image inside Photoshop? Just because you have a x64 compatible processor, this doesn't give you x64bit computing, you need a x64 version of your OS, either "Xp pro x64" or a...

How many clock cycle is needed to execute LDA?
It is a 3 byte instruction, with one byte for opcode and the other two for the 16bit address. It takes four machine cycles (one to fetch opcode, one to fetch lower order address, one to fetch higher order address and another one to fetch the data from the memory)... i.e. it takes 13 time states to perform the LDA instruction

What is the difference between 8bit and 16bit microprocessor?
8-bitIn computer architecture, 8-bit integers, memory addresses, or other data units are those that are at most 8 bits (1 octet) wide. Also, 8-bit CPU and ALU architectures are those that are based on registers, address buses, or data buses of that size. 8-bit is also a term given to a generation of microcomputers in which 8-bit microprocessors were the norm. 8bit can process only 8bit addition , subtraction etc. 16-bitIn computer architecture, 16-bit integers...

Consider two microprocessors having 8 and 16bit wide external data buses respectivelyThe two processors are identical other wise and their bus cycles take just as longsuppose all instructions?
During a single bus cycle, the 8-bit microprocessor transfers one byte while the 16-bit microprocessor transfers two bytes. The 16-bit microprocessor has twice the data transfer rate.

How do music companies put music on the CD?
Music is written onto a CD using a blank disc and a burner. When writing to the disc, this creates millions of "pits" on the track, which can been seen by using a powerful microscope. Blocks of data can be either read as a 0 or 1, or binary. An extremely thin track spirals across the disc and measures at about 5km long. It samples at 44kHz 2ch 16bit audio, which is enough for at...

What microprocessors does Texas Instruments produce?
In 1976 TI produces a TMS9900 which was a 16bit 64pin 3.3MHz microprocessor which could have easily propelled them to being the dominate manufacturer of home computers. Today TI produces many different types of microprocessors. Among those are CPU's, ARMs, DSP's and more all of which can be found in cell phones, cars, watches, TV's, cameras and more. This is best answered if the term microprocessor is more clearly defined.

What are the advanced microprocessors and their features?
MP IS cpu it self 1) it is 16 bit mp 2) it is fabricated using HMOS TECHOLOGY. 3) IT CONTAIN approximately 29000 transistor. 4) 8086 is 40 pin dip ic 5)it required +5v power supply 6) itrequired 5 mhz external clock frq . 7) it has 20bit AB 16BIT DB 6BYTE IQ 2 EXTERNAL H/W 256 S/W

How address and data lines are demultiplexed in 8086?
Basically , Demultiplexing is breaking of multiplexed signal .Recall that A/D0 -A/D15 and A16/S3-A19/S6 are the multiplexed signals in 8086.To do so, three demultiplexing latches are used .ALE (Address Enable Latch) is used for strobe Demultiplexing.8086 is 16bit data lines and 20 bit address line microprocessor.BY the Demultiplexing ,we Get A0-A19 separate Address lines and D0-D15 Data lines . Ajmal Shahbaz

What is the value of a 12 year old computer?
The value of a 1999 Pentium III computer that works well for creating and editing notes letters and homework and maintaining a budget is about 5 to 85.00 dollars U.S. and such equipment can still be commonly purchased at local thrift stores or via Internet sites or perhaps from friends who may still have such an old PC packed away in a basement, attic, or closet. The scrap value of the unit is 5 to...

What three OS files are necessary to boot to ms-dos mode what is the function of each what additional two files are not required but are used if they are present?
Io.sys, contains the basic I/O software for real mode. MSDOS.sys, a text file that contains some parameters and switches you can set to affect the way the OS boots. Config.sys, this files contains several commands such as how many files it can open, how many file buffers to create, what 16bit (real mode) drivers to load. The addition files loaded are and Autoexec.bat.

What is tiff file type?
The TIFF is a flexible format that can represent everything from fax images to photos compressed or uncompressed as a bitmap, including additional image information like EXIF. TIFF supports up to 16bit per channel, transparency, multiple images, 2D images in multiple planes. It is widely used by scanners and fax machines due to its support for all possible color depths and multiple images (for example the pages that are scanned/faxed). It gets also used in...

What is CD quality?
CD quality refers to the amount of detail saved to an audio file that would be typical of what you would find on a CD. This is measured in how often a change in the sound wave is detected, known as the sample rate, and to what level of detail this change is measured to, known as the bit depth. Sample rate is measured in kilo-hertz (kHz), or thousand samples per second. For CDs this...

What is the maximum memory address space that the processor can access directly if it is connected to a 16 bit memory considering a hypothetical microprocessor generating a 16-bit address?
If you assume that it has a 16-bit data bus, then it would be 128k so the microprocessor can access 2^16 points, which is 64k (from it being a 16bit address) 16bits = 2 bytes (memory) so through a 16 bit memory, it can access 2*64k, which is 128k alternatively, if its 8bit memory, 8bits=1byte 1*64k = 64k I'm no expert, and i was searching for the answer myself, hope this helped

Why is itunes converting audio files to mp4 Isn't mp4 more for video whereas mp3 is for audio Is this taking up more space than if it was using mp3s?
mp4 uses AAC as audio compression that is pretty much superior in all ways compared to mp3 as it takes up less space, supports higher sampling rate and multiple channels instead of just two 44.1khz 16bit tracks, and if there is no videodata, it doesn't use more space. But the main reason that Apple uses mp4 is Digital Rights Management aka copyprotection. mp4 has it, mp3 doesn't.

Which of the the following is not a CPU operating mode 16-bit 32-bit 48-bit 64-bit?
48bit does not belong in the list. In relation to desktop computers, it goes: 8bit, 16bit, 32bit, 64bit, 128bit... It refers to the internal design of the microprocessor. 8bit was the original register width in the first generation of computers etched into a single chip. The register size doubles from previous generations to their successors. It's not that a 48bit computer cannot be designed and manufactured, it's more of a decision to expand the capacity...

32bit microprocessor with a 16bit external data bus driven by an 8MHz clock assume microproccessor has bus cycle whose minimum duration equals 4clock cycle what is data transfer rate across the bus?
Minimum bus cycle duration = 4 clock cycles Bus clock = 8 MHz Maximum bus cycle rate = 8 M / 4 = 2 M /s Data transferred per bus cycle = 16 bit = 2 bytes Data transfer rate (per second) = Bus cycle rate * data per cycle = 2 M * 2 = 4 M bytes per second

What are the functions of execution unit in 8086 Intel?
Basically the function of execution unit in 8086 is to perform all arithmetic and logic operations.It tells the Bus Interface unit(BIU) where to fetch instructions and data from.It has 4 components:Control circuitry,ALU,Flag registers and general purpose registers. 1.control circuits-it directs all the internal operations. 2.ALU-performs all logic operations. 3.general purpose registers-used to store data during execution. 4.flag registers-it has a 16bit flag register containing 9 flags that are set for certain conditions during any operation.Ex.carry...

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