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دانلود فیلم عرق سرد

"Douglas Rivero" (2019-09-08)

Araghe Sard is a film directed and written by Soheil Baraghi and produced by Mehdi Arbitrar, a production of Year 2. The music is by Karen Homayounfer. The subject of this film resembles a real thing that happened before, the story of the departure of Niloufar Ardalan. But according to Baran Kowsari and Niloufar Ardalan, دانلود فیلم عرق سرد the story of the movie has nothing to do with it. One of the interesting things about this movie is the presence of Baran Kowsari as a footballer. Kothari has lost more than 3kg to play the role. It was the first screening of this textbook and the sixth Fajr Film Festival. The screening began in October of last year, and according to Soheil Beiraqi, the film was banned by the arts and was not allowed to be screened in cinemas (around four cinemas). One of the important points of this film is the nomination of all the main actors of the film at the Thirty-sixth Fajr Film Festival, which was a rare event in the history of Iranian cinema. He has also been nominated for a Crystal Simorgh at the 36th Fajr Film Festival, which has received seven Simorghs.