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"Ilene Mccaffrey" (2019-09-19)


"You will be the best in the business" mindset. There’s no room for failure here. From the start, believe you will be the best. 2. "Go out of your way to help people with their goals of buying or selling their homes." Be kind and sincere. 3. "Prospect your FSBO leads, past clients and business relationships…everyday. This last tip is especially important…it alone was responsible for 2-3 FSBO listings a month for Joan! That’s exciting isn’t it? And I bet now you’re probably thinking, "Tell me what she said! Well, Joan didn’t leave us with any specific scripts, but she did leave us with suggestions on what to say. And based on those suggestions, we crafted and tested 3 scripts that have been proven to be effective. "Hi, this is (your name) with (your company name). I see that you’re trying to sell you home on your own. "Hi, this is (your name) with (your company name).

I may have good news for you. "I’m working with clients right now who have an interest in purchasing a home in a neighborhood like yours. "My question is would you consider paying a 3% commission (instead of the normal 6% listing fee) if I brought you a buyer that would give you a full-price offer? "Hi, this is (your name) with (your company name). I just wanted to call and see if you’ve thought about the idea of paying a commission for a full-price buyer. "I’m working with some new clients right now who are interested in purchasing a home in a neighborhood like yours. Once again, the beauty of leaving messages on a FSBO’s answering machine is that it’s a completely rejection-free method to 2-3 listings a month. If you consistently use these scripts and follow up regularly… I think it’s safe to say that you could easily add 2-3 listings to your inventory every month…month in, month out…consistent as the setting sun. In the next 2 reports we will open the platform to a superstar agent and world-class trainer who is unmatched in the business. Grant Dolby works out of Colorado and is recognized nationally for training, mentoring and producing award-winning agents. He’s developed and coached the most profitable Keller Williams broker in the state of Colorado…and even coached the Keller Williams Rookie of the Year for the last 3 out of 4 years. Before that he spent 15 years as a dominate broker and real estate agent himself. Making this mistake will have 7 out of 10 FSBOs you’re working with rude, hostile and cranky. More than that, they’ll become emotional and financial strains.

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Would a jury of my peers pay attention to the monotonous details of events long past? Years earlier, when I worked as a bank teller, I'd been called to court as a witness in a criminal case involving kidnapping and extortion. One of my customers withdrew a large amount of money from her savings account. I was questioned about her demeanor during the transaction. She had appeared somewhat stressed and nervous while she stood at my teller window. I checked her balance, which at the time was printed out daily on green bar computer paper at the credenza behind the teller line. We were required to write down any transactions on the page next to the customer's balance. For withdrawals exceeding a certain limit, we needed a bank officer's signature to proceed. Thankfully, that day I'd followed the procedure. Later that day, the woman claimed to have been coerced into withdrawing the money.

She reported to the police that her husband had been kidnapped and held captive while she was forced to pull out the funds. As the trial progressed witnesses were called to the stand to give their testimony. One was the ex-husband of the woman on trial. He was marched into the courtroom in an orange jumpsuit, handcuffed and wearing leg irons. He had already been convicted for his part in the same armed robbery. During the trial, we were shown graphic photos of domestic abuse that the defendant suffered at his hands. She testified that he forced her to go along in the robbery of their neighbor at gunpoint, or else. Her plea of not guilty and her defense was based on Battered Wife Syndrome. The Prosecuting Attorney had a terrible cold. Throughout the trial he sniffled constantly which was a distraction difficult to tune out. It was a challenge to pay attention to his presentation rather than his frequent nose blowing. The trial dragged on for a week, during which I caught myself dozing off at times especially after lunch.