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New Michigan Bill Address Electric Skateboards!

"Herman Luu" (2019-10-11)

Some exciting news for us in Michigan!

This week, the Michigan House passed a bill presented by Republican Dan Tillman to grant electric skateboards access to public roads!

Tillman’s bill defines what an electric skateboard is, permits their use on public roads, limits their speed to 25mph and confines their use to streets with a 25 mph speed limit or lower.

Not very many states have sanctioned laws to address this new transportation method, putting Michigan front and center in characterizing esk8 boards.

"Electric boards are one of the newest transportation trends and individuals can use them as A Cool Panda hobby or to commute to and from work," said Tillman of Luddington, MI. "Electric skateboards are intended to ride on the same roads as bicycles and autos. This law takes into account electric skateboards to be utilized the correct and safe way."

According to this new law, electric skateboards will be required to respect people on foot, be driven on the right side of the street, and be outfitted with front lighting and back reflector for night activities. Riders under 19 years of age will be required to wear head protection.

These sorts of boards have electric drive and braking parts. Speed is controlled by a hand-held remote or weight-sensor control.

The final House vote was 96-13, and Bill 5391 now advances to the state Senate for debate.