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What is realative dating? -

"Kandace Able" (2019-10-22)

tumblr_p881hniUMW1wz53lpo1_500.jpgi think that realitive dating is dating in real life and not online... please tell me if im wrong

well that is 100% wrong.....relative dating is to do with the dating of fossils.....

Are TI and Ciara Realative?
They both got the last name and father so im guessin that they r realative

What is the meaning of a relative term?
A term for Realative is - Sibling

What is the relative location of Minnesota?
The realative location of Minnesota is Shakopee (:

What is the realative size of Italy in the year 2006?
there was a man named Michel lower

What is Mexico realative location?
South of the United States; north of Central America.

What is the name of Zayn Malik's cousin?
im his realative cause his cousin is my cousin

United States realative size?
uhhuhhmmmmmmmmmm yeah kris d0 you know kris:n0

What are the laws regarding runaways?
If you are seventeen and can not get emancipated and international mail order brides want to go live with a realative can you? Leagally?

What is the realative location of ancient Egypt?
Along the banks of the Nile in North Eastern Africa.

What is the realative atomic mass for sulfur?
Sulfur is a non meta element. Atomic mass of it is 32.

Can a Muslim go to a Christian realative funereal at a church?
Many Muslims have visited Christian Churches.

What does it mean when you dream about a relative being pregnant constantly?
it means that there is a chance that that certain realative will get pregnant

London's realative location improved in the 1500s because of what?
Improvements in Ships and navigation devices increased trade in the Atlantic.

Is your fathers second wife considered to be a realative?
If you are the child of your father and his first wife, then his second wife is your step-mother.

Is a super pocket bike x 32 fast?
that all depends on what you consider fast. velocity, speed, acceleration,,, and this is all realative :)

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