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Mountain Cycling In The French Alps, Savoie.

"Marilou Boothe" (2019-06-30)

Alsace is renowned for its mountain cycling tracks. The European Commission is launching its Social Cycling difficulty across Europe this year from 16 September (start of EUROPEANMOBILITYWEEK) for 3 weeks. The Social Biking difficulty aims to encourage cycling as a social habit. The challenge promotes exercise, making use of a sustainable transportation mode (the bicycle!), and likewise aims to increase the modal share of cycling by producing a network of bicyclists.biking en salle

x-l-t-shirts-on-the-rack.jpg?width=746&fFat cycling is the current winter sport to come to the Alps and the Giffre valley is the ideal location to do it. From the valley we can access a multitude of tracks to match all levels of rider. We can't ride on the ski pistes but we can utilize the pisted hiking routes, and other snow shoe paths. The picturesque riverside tracks are ideal for newbie riders. Higher up there are more extreme paths for the daring mountain cyclist. Moreover, within a 30 minute drive (in our van) there are a number of other areas that are likewise best for exploring by fat bike.cyclisme 2019

Organize a local marketing campaign for the Social Cycling obstacle by releasing pertinent details on your local website or by distributing difficulty materials in your city. Keep in mind that involvement information and basic info on the obstacle are offered on the Social cycling shirts sale website and the BikePrints mobile app. Again, the function of the Regional Social Cycling Coordinator is to offer local assistance to the challenge.

From the bottom of the Valley on waymarked paths to paths for experienced riders that are often demanding and steep. Sites more especially devoted to downhill mountain-biking can be accessed by the ski-lifts in the Le Trip' Col de Balme, Le Brà © vent, Lognan, Bellevue and Le Prarion ski areas. Included in our costs: Downhill mountain biking, complete defense, fixed prices, supervision by a professional. GROUP OF 7 pers. max From novices to knowledgeable bicycle riders.

Discovery of the bike and mtb from 6 years. Intro to mountain biking downhill from ten years. Advanced mountain biking downhill from 14 years old. Professional: mountain biking downhill from 15 years. Discover the experiences of driving ATV in the mountains, with professional coaching. Our goal is to assist you advance and develop, with a maximum of security in the area of Tignes. Classes are taught from beginner to professional level. Guidance offered by professionals will enable you to enjoy mountain biking.