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"Stacia Eichhorn" (2019-07-04)

The following is, to the best of my recollection, one of my most memorable nights. Hope you enjoy reading about it as much as he enjoyed me! ??

I can't believe how long of a week it has been! It started off like any other week with a normal work day on Monday. I go into the office, walk out of the elevator, say hi to the creepy guy who stands there waiting for me every week, I pass by the kitchen with the old ladies gossiping about the latest TV show, and into my seat in my cubicle. I do not hate my job but it can be super stressful! Monday was not too bad, but Tuesday is when my week got really terrible!

You see my job is one of those where it can be boring as crap, or stressful as fuck! This week, as it turns out, נערות ליווי בחיפה was streasful as fuck. I work in sales and my job is to do all the prep work on the sales presentations for my boss, who is a jerk, as well as to be the "pretty young lady" with the low cut top and short skirt. I don't mind my boss objectifying me to the clients like he does, i mean i do rock a set high heels in a skirt!!! But what really annoys me is the long hours and נערות ליווי בחיפה no personal life. I have not had a date in over 6 months and נערות ליווי בחיפה im DYING to sit across from a handsome young man and tell me what a beautiful young woman i am.

So on Tuesday we had to meet a new client in the evening for dinner which means i need to show up early in the morning to prepare the presentation and material. My boss typically has me re-do everything twice and this time was no different. By dinner time i was exhausted and had to change into my "sales clothes". This consists of a short black skirt with light grey pinstripes that hugs my ass so tightly I have to wear a thong. I usually compliment it with white loose blouse where i unbutton the top buttons. Just enough so that anyone taller than me – 5 ft 5 inches – can see all by boobs, bra, and stomach when they look down. This is usually by design as I am SUPER proud of my perky c-cup tits! (Thank you gym membership!).

If you treasured this article and you also would like to acquire more info regarding נערות ליווי בחיפה generously visit our own web site. When we got to the restaurant there was a group of businessmen and women around a table and we did our pitch. I won't go into the details but we kicked ass and everyone was happy. Between the numerous rounds of drinks and food there was one person who grabbed my attention. He introduced himself as Mr. Johnson, which I remembered because everyone else introduced themselves by their first name; who calls themselves that?!? Little did I know at the time I would later regret questioning him on that point.

Mr. Johnaon was taller than average, athletic build, שירותי ליווי חיפה broad shoulders that made his suit look amazing on him. He had dark hair and eyes to match. The one thing I remember the most was his dominating personality. When he shook my hand he smiled warmly but you could tell his eyes were undressing me as they looked down my blouse. I turned red looked away but he gently but firmly touched my chin and turned it back towards him saying "never be ashamed of your beauty." I remember that bringing butterflies to my stomach as he turned away and kept talking to my boss.