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Vol 2 (2007) The Discovery of the New World Nature: American Plants in 16th Century Europe Abstract   PDF
Antonio González Bueno
Vol 7 (2009) The first studies in marketing: context, institutionalization and method Abstract   PDF
Sergio Luis Ignacio Oliveira
Vol 16 (2015) The Human and the Animal: Explanatory Commensurability in Darwin’s The Descent of Man Abstract   PDF
Teófilo Espada-Brignoni
Vol 10 (2011) The ideas of Maimonides (1138-1204) on tzara´at disease (leprosy?): a diagnostic challenge in the Middle Ages Abstract   PDF
Jaime E. Bortz
Vol 3 (2007) The Introduction of Instrumental Technologies and their Relationship with Pharmaceutical Forms Complied in the Mexican Pharmacopoeia Abstract   PDF
Liliana Schifter Aceves
Vol 6 (2009) The Isis Bibliography from Its Origins to the Present Day: One Hundred Years of Evolution of a Classification System Abstract   PDF
Stephen Weldon
Vol 1 (2006) The material principles or bases in early Arabic Hermeticism: a case-study from the Book of the Treasure of Alexander Abstract   PDF
Ana M. Alfonso-Goldfarb, Safa A.A.C. Jubran
Vol 8 (2010) The method suggested by Leibniz for the science of Law, its sources and the fate of his legal work Abstract   PDF
Renato Eugenio de Freitas Peres
Vol 7 (2009) The mirror and the window: optical investigation of Filippo Brunelleschi (1377-1446) and Leon Battista Alberti (1404-1472) concerning “costruzione legittima” Abstract   PDF
Midori Hijioka Camelo
Vol 21 (2018) The other side of the story: challenges and opportunities in building sustainable online knowledge resources Abstract   PDF
Ailie Smith
Vol 8 (2010) The process of consolidation of information science in Brazil: the concrete reality expressed by scientific institutions Abstract   PDF
Aline Elis Arboit
Vol 1 (2006) The Program Ethnomathematics and the challenges of globalization Abstract   PDF
Ubiratan D'Ambrosio
Vol 24 (2019) The role of digital/online resources in the Jewish Diaspora communities Abstract   PDF
Dov Winer
Vol 13 (2013) The role of Plauto in Richard Blackmore’s conceptions about the spleen Abstract   PDF
Vera Cecilia Machline
Vol 8 (2010) The studies of Joseph Priestley (1733-1804) on the theory of electricity Abstract   PDF
Elisa Cristina Oliosi
Vol 19 (2017) The studies on cancer aetiology in the 19th century and the Brazilian physicist Alfredo Leal Pimenta Bueno Details   PDF
Rodrigo de Oliveira Andrade
Vol 19 (2017) The Telharmonium: Art of and apparatus for generating and distributing music electronically Details   PDF
Rodrigo Trevisan Braga
Vol 9 (2011) The traditional knowledge of healers: medicinal plants in the fairs and markets of northern Minas Gerais Details   PDF
Carla Cristina Barbosa
Vol 1 (2006) The vaccum of Pascal versus the ether of Noël: an experimental controversy? Abstract   PDF
Fumikazu Saito
Vol 21 (2018) Thirteen ways of looking at institutional history: a model for digital exhibitions from science archives Abstract   PDF
Venkat Srinivasan, TB Dinesh, Bhanu Prakash, A Shalini
Vol 9 (2011) Traders from the past: Teodoro Vilardebó, Pedro de Angelis and the trade of bones and documents in the Río de la Plata, 1830-1850 Abstract   PDF
Irina Podgorny
Vol 19 (2017) Um estudo sobre o desenvolvimento instrumental da cozinha paulista, na primeira metade do século XX Details   PDF (Português (Brasil))
Lucia Helena Soares de Lima
Vol 25 (2020) Um estudo sobre o Physica, de Hildegarda de Bingen: as virtudes curativas de algumas plantas Abstract   PDF (Português (Brasil))
Maria Terezinha Estevam
Vol 18 (2016) Uma história da linguística computacional no âmbito das ciências cognitivas Abstract   PDF
Marco Rocha
Vol 10 (2011) United Colors of Circumscribere Details   PDF
Editores Circumscribere
Vol 6 (2009) Vincenzo Galilei and Music: Some Socio-Cultural and Acoustical Discussions Abstract   PDF
Carla Bromberg, Ana Maria Alfonso-Goldfarb
Vol 12 (2012) Water: The long road from Aristotelian element to H2O Abstract   PDF
Hasok Chang
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