L´Église d´Haiti à la recherche d´une pratique missionnaire renouvelée dans sa relation avec le Vaudou


  • Jean Anel Joseph Originaire d´Haiti. Maître en théologie systématique avec concentration en Missiologie pour l´Université Catholique de São Paulo (PUC-SP). Actuellement, il est le responsable de la formation des séminaristes (théologie et philosophie) dans la Société des prêtres de saint Jacques (spsj) en Haiti où il est également professeur de théologie dans la propédeutique.




Mission, Haiti, Église, Évangelisation, Vaudou


The mission received from Jesus Christ (cf. Mt 29, 19-20) has been accepted by the universal church, and must be effective in the activity and outreach of each particular church. However, the process of evangelization is not always free of evangelizers’ cultures conceptions and, almost always the native people’s cultures were fought, ignored, or repressed. After analyzing the way the local church related to voodoo and the inspiration of the second Vatican Council, we search for pointing out possible alternatives that can lead a harmony between the two religions that are currently under the law, with the same degree of importance. The conclusion underlines the hypothesis that a return to preconciliar practices can only hinder the activity of the local church if it wants to be in tune with the universal mission of the church and especially if it intends to respond to the appeal of the Continental Magisterial, and more specically to the Aparecida Conference that calls for a pastoral conversion as required in response to the signs of the times.