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Fitted Wardrobes- Advantages of Quality Wardrobe Fittings

"Olivia Deasey" (2020-08-24)


When it comes to storage, there are basically two types of storage that most of the house owners tend to install, built in custom wardrobes and free standing storage units.
Both are useful and offer quality storage solutions, however, fitted wardrobe designs wardrobes offer maximum customization options and help to store thing in more organized way.

Often, much of the effort and money for such construction is poured into things that may look great, but are rarely functional or built with quality in mind.

One of the most overlooked aspects of such storage solutions are the smaller wardrobe fittings,as it is these fittings that make wardrobes worthy and more functional. They are in heavy use every single day.

Spending a few extra cash on quality fittings for your new build or renovation can certainly make your dream come true.
Below are few advantages that these quality fittings will offer you:

  • Accessibility: One of the major advantages that quality fittings provide is the easy accessibility of things that are stored in the wardrobes.

    There are sheer number of handles within a standard home, and it is important that the cabinets of your wardrobes contain good quality handles for easy and comfortable access. Make sure that they are ergonomic and are easily grasped by your hand.
  • Security: Good quality locks give your defense system more strength and hence protects your wealth in some of the unfortunate cases of burglaries.

    It is crucial that you only choose quality locks and other security fittings to ensure the safety of your family.
  • Functionality: Some of the hardware like hinges and brackets are used countless times every single day and they experience thousands of cycles of use.
    Because of this heavy usage, it is important that you invest in quality from the very beginning as these will make your wardrobes efficient than other fitting.
  • Durability: Hooks and hangers are the common accessories that need serious care as replacing these quite regularly is annoying for sure.

    If quality hooks and hangers are fitted initially, then you need not have to re-process the entire work again.

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