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Richmond City Centre - Experience the Glamour of the Modern City Amidst Old England

"Leanne Sharland" (2019-11-06)

Located 15 miles southwest from central London is Richmond upon Thames, a borough which has long been home to the city's royalty and glitterati. Situated against the backdrop of a meandering Thames whose banks ascend into misty hills, it is no wonder the area has long been coveted by royalty and praised by artists. Known for its sprawling parklands, historic houses and inspiring scenery, Richmond town has combines the romance of untainted historic charm with modern industry and conveniences necessitated by city-dwellers.
The town of Richmond which nestles at the heart the suburban heart of this scenic borough is one of the thirty-five major commercial centres picked out by the London Plan. Yet it has the quaint, unhurried air of a village rather than a town, characterized by the open spaces the area is famous for, not least the Richmond Park. Once the favourite hunting ground of Charles I, this gargantuan royal enclosure encompasses three times the land area of New York's Central Park and is a habitat of fallow and red deer. It has been honoured as a National Nature Reserve as well as a Site of Special Scientific Interest and is the largest royal park in London. The Terrace Gardens, that beloved inspiration of poets and writers, and the Old Deer Park are other greens of note.
Richmond Bridge is the oldest of its kind which yet spans the River Thames and is the perfect complement to the Victorian dwellings which cluster around the riverbanks on either side. Many old-style bars and eateries flourish about the bridge and tour boats (or skiffs) can be hired to take visitors down river, allowing them to drink in the montage of a sun-dappled river whose banks are peopled with joggers and cyclists, which extends onto a quaint city-cape of old-style buildings and blooming gardens and parkland, sloping gently upward forming Richmond hill.
The main feature commanding the hilltop is the Royal Star and Garter home, a charity run nursing facility for wounded servicemen which has been operational since the First World War.
The compact town centre of George Street and Hill Street, is notable for its range of upscale designer boutiques and high-end stores. Eschewing the loud shopping malls and plazas, the town prefers the individuality and personality of small shops which line the cobbled streets, interspersed with pubs and cafes. The town reveals its more practical side when the farmers market takes place on Saturday, vendors selling prosaic food items contrasting against the usual sense of luxury.
Yet another gathering point is the Richmond Green, where the townsfolk congregate on summer weekends to sunbathe, picnic and play cricket. It is also the gateway to Henry VIII's magnificent palace. Richmond Theatre is located near the Green, a Victorian hall which is one of two professional theatres which receives major national tours. The other is the nationally renowned Orange Tree Theatre. The town also has three cinemas and is decidedly not lacking for entertainment in all seasons and weathers.
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