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Best adjustable dumbbells

por Fitness mojo (2020-05-30)

Lateral lifting with Best adjustable dumbbells is the basic exercise for shoulder width (middle / external portion of the deltoid muscle).

The upper beam of the trapezoids is also involved, and can also, depending on your morphology or if you have it as a strong point, completely take the ascendancy on the shoulders and congest strongly during the movement.

Hand position
To promote the recruitment of the middle / external portion of the deltoid muscle , the position of the hand is essential: it must be parallel to the ground, as if you wanted to pour water from a pitcher.

If your fist is facing upwards, as if you were holding a glass of water, the powerful anterior bundles of the deltoid muscle will take over and the exercise will lose all its interest.

A tip to promote a correct position is to grasp the dumbbells do not have in their center, but on the contrary to press the fist, little finger side, against the disc.