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I'm Addicted to Superhero Comics, Movies, and Cartoons

"Beatris Kabu" (2020-06-25)

superhero dcX-men, Superman, Spiderman and his amazing friends, The Hulk, Justice League, Dragon ball Z, He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, Thundercats, Bravestarr, Thundarr the Barbarian, Ironman, Fantastic 4, and so on and so on. I'm 33 and I'm addicted to superhero cartoons and movies.

I mean every since the invention of the DVR (digital video recorder), I can't get enough of all the crime fighting stuff. Am I alone, and does anybody else like an overload of Spidey or X-men? Maybe I'm jealous, and it's the fact that kids today are spoiled silly, and as a kid I was unable to watch toons quite as much. I remember watching a little bit of cartoons before school, a hour or so after, maybe.

To be honest Saturday morning was the main time of the week to get your fill of cartoons. But in this day and age of 1,000,000 cable channels, there are several that just show cartoons. Which means that at any given time, a kid can just turn it on and watch away. I use to call my son in the room, just so I could say, " I was watching list superhero shows with him". Now I just don't care anymore, and I DVR everything. Justice League Unlimited is my favorite right now and it's like the soaps for dudes or something.

I never knew watching Superman and Batman could be so drama filled, and everybody has a girlfriend. But enough about me and what I love, what is the message that superheroes convey. I think that heroes appeal to the good inside of everyone. We all would like to think that if we somehow gained unlimited power, that it would be used for the good of all mankind. I mean dedicating your entire existence to helping others, that's what a hero truly is. Which brings me to my favorite part of the comics, the Super Villain.

It's amazing how most of the villains were all good at one point, and there is always a specific chain of events to turn them evil. Is that the truth about most of mankind, and does everybody have just a little bit of evil hidden deep inside of them? Most villains are extremely rational, too rational and blinded by there desires. In desperate situations they can often be reasoned with for the good of everybody involved. But some evil knows no boundaries, an chaotic evil characters are the best example of this. Some beings just don't care about money, wealth, or assets. There only purpose and deepest desire is the watch everything and everybody burn.

When I was younger and read about Superman's battles with Darkseid, superman asked him, "what is was that he was after". He replied, "the Anti-Life Equation", and I'm like 8 years old but I fully understood what he sought! Total and complete devastation, and nothing less would be acceptable for him. Superman then replied," I will never stop fighting and I will always be here to stop you. The world NEEDS heroes like that! It could be said the firefighters and red cross volunteers are real life heroes.

Courage in face of danger and hopelessness, that's my definition of a hero and I love them for that. I think I just enjoy watching the struggle between good and evil. It never seems to bore me, and I just can't get enough of it. I'm always open to a discussion with anybody regarding, superpowers, best heroes, villains or anything else DC or Marvel related.