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How Data Science Can Help You Know About Covid-19?

"Leatha Landis" (2020-08-13)

Social distancing and stay-at-home have gradually slowed the infection rate of SARS-CoV-2, the pathogen that causes coronavirus or COVID-19.
But when it comes to a long-term plan or solution to the pandemic, the situation remains unclear.

The rapid spread of COVID-19 can make people feel helpless and scared as it transmits through the air and allows them to change their daily lifestyle.


People, however, now can be a bit more relaxed in these uncertain times by understanding the fact the how scientists are leveraging data science to learn as much about COVID-19 as they can.

Some Popular Apps That Can Prevent COVID-19;

  1. AarogyaSetu: Specifically developed by Government's official, this easy-to-use app helps to contain the spread of coronavirus.
    It uses the location of your smartphone and Bluetooth to see if a user has come in contact with a Covid-19 infected person. In case, an individual has been near a patient, the app will share the data with the government.
  2. MyGov: Users can select the COVID-19 section to find out the relevant statistics concerning the pandemic.

    They can easily reach out to the concerned authorities as important helpline numbers and email addresses are already mentioned in the app.
  3. AyushSanjivani App: Developed by the Ministry of AYUSH and MEITY (Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology), the app generates data on acceptance and provides effective measures to prevent COVID-19.
  4. COVID Watch: The app is incredibly helpful as it allows people to protect themselves without disclosing their privacy.

    It uses Bluetooth signals to identify users when they are in close contact with each other and notify them instantly if they were in touch with someone who has been tested positive with COVID-19.
  5. HaMagen: The app uses contact tracing to avoid the further spread of the virus.
    Launched by the Health Ministry of Israel, the app allows users to detect if they were close to anyone in the past 2 weeks who has been diagnosed with the virus. After installing the app, the movements of the user would be tracked using location technology.

Let's examine how data science can ease COVID-19 pandemic.

1. Data Science Can Detect Coronavirus: Medical professionals and data scientists must get relevant and updated information about how the coronavirus situation changes day by day. Some of the top-notch organizations, including IBM and Tableau, have released interactive databases that offer real-time views of the condition of the virus.

By efficiently using data science, it can be easily analyzed big data from hundreds of thousands of sources. These include airline ticketing data, news reports, government records, health data and disease networks to detect any new case of the novel virus.

Be it a concerned citizen or a coronavirus fighter, they may easily get most information without interacting with local authorities.

2. Data Science Can Manage Contact Tracing: Contact tracing is an effective way to alleviate the impact of COVID-19. It involves contacting the close contacts of the person after that individual tests positive for the virus and telling them to self-isolate.

Data scientists, by leveraging data science, have created a mobile phone-based solution that may eliminate the need for the workforce to manually contact the people. Instead, those individuals will get a notification via text messages confirming the need for self-isolation.


Data Science May Help Fight Coronavirus: Many people with COVID-19 have experienced mild to no symptoms at all.

But, developers created an app that uses data-sharing which will aid medical experts to learn more about the virus.

The app is called COVID Symptom Tracker and has currently more than 200,000 users.

Users need to give their age and postal code, and preexisting medical conditions if any. The information helps scientists to determine the most affected groups or people who are high at risk. The app doesn't disclose your data for a commercial purpose; instead, google it gives your information to people who are consistently working to stop COVID-19.

4. Data Science May Help Prevent Future Outbreak: Once the outbreak has been contained, public health authorities and medical experts will harness data science to make decisions about how to deal with outbreaks in the future. This would help researchers to analyze the global data about human activity, disease modelling, virus, visualization, and mapping to predict where the next pandemic will arrive and the impact it will have.

That's the beauty of Data science!!

Final Thoughts

The more data we collect, the better data science will help us know more about the pandemic and that would help save lives. Data science would significantly help manage the virus activity and effects of population distancing.