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5 Movies Out Now The Whole Family Will Love

"Brianna McLeod" (2020-04-05)

One of the fun things that families can do together is enjoy family movie night at the local theater. Parents and children alike are in luck this year, because there are so many great family movies which have been released, and which the entire family will enjoy. Some of the best of these are described below, and if you haven't had a chance to go see them, by all means gather up your clan and take them to a local theater where they're showing.

Free Images : dentist, dentistry, smile, patient, white, dental, young, female, teeth, clinic ...Frozen II

This may be the biggest movie of the year for families, since practically everyone has been clamoring for a sequel to the original movie which came out six years ago. The original movie was such a big hit, and the songs from the show were so memorable, that they have been played and re-played ever since. While it's doubtful whether or not the follow-up movie can have that same kind of popularity, it will undoubtedly attract a lot of fans just on the strength of that first movie.


This movie was another in the series of live-action remakes issued by Disney, which is a tale of a flying elephant who can only perform when clutching a magic feather. Much of the appeal of this movie is the fact that it tugs at the heartstrings when Dumbo is separated from his mother, and comment-43277 another part of the appeal is the strong acting by Colin Farrell, Michael Keaton, and Danny DeVito. If you loved the original movie, you'll certainly appreciate this one as well.


When Disney's original treatment of Aladdin was released, it soared to popularity based on the frantic comic style of Robin Williams who portrayed the genie in the story. This time around, Will Smith fills the role of the genie, and his performance is likewise extremely appealing in its own comic way. The story line is the same of course, with Aladdin seeking the hand of his dream princess, while recognizing that he's just a poor street boy who can never hope to win her heart. The magical lamp and the genie of course change all that, and that's where the fun comes in.

The Addams Family

The original Addams Family characters which appeared in New Yorker comics are very close to the adaptation made for this animated version of the offbeat and macabre family of misfits. Charlize Theron portrays Morticia, with Oscar Isaac playing the role of Gomez Addams, and Bette Midler and Allison Janney lending their voice talents to the film as well. All of the original spookiness and comic mayhem you've come to expect from this glorious bunch is on full display in this animated classic.

Dora and the Lost City of Gold

If you've been wondering why there's never been a full-length movie starring Dora the Explorer before, you can set your mind at ease, because now there has been. Like the animated TV series, this movie is a live-action version filled with adventure and action, with Dora being forced to navigate the wild setting of one untamed world, high school, before moving on to another one and attempting to save her lost parents in the jungle.

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