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Skin Care: According To Your Skin Type

"Alissa Heyes" (2020-05-26)

Beauty and skin care go hand in hand. Taking good care of the skin from a young age contribute to a better-looking skin. Proper care and nourishment are very important for the skin as it changes over time and the skin collagen breaks down.

Good skin care requires cleansing and moisturizing. Cleansing removes dirt and dead skin cells which help to prevent pimples or acne. Moisturizers are used to protect and restore moisture of the skin as the oil is removed by cleaninsing. Therefore, a regime of cleaning and moisturizing should be followed everyday in order to be effective.

Selecting skin-care products can be a daunting task depending on the skin type. It is essential to use products strictly according to your skin type, which is classified into three categories - oily, dry, and combination.

Oily skin- Oily skin is identified by excess oil on the face. Some people with oily skin begin to feel greasy only a few hours after washing the face. Though, oily skin can be an inherited trait, but it can also be caused by puberty. It is important that people with oily skin should not use moisturizers, instead, use a gel or serum with anti-aging ingredients like Rhonda Allison's Growth Factor Serum. By using a retinoid at night on oily skin reduce blackheads and removes oil from face. Moreover, while applying make-up, be sure that the foundation is oil-free to avoid creating pores.


Dry skin- People with dry skin suffer from a lack of natural moisture as there is very little oil to act as a surface barrier and lock in moisture. The dry skin is often tight and flaky. To care Ways for getting The Most From Your own personal Skin Care Routine dry skin, use a gentle, soap-free cleanser, moisturizer sufficiently and make sure to cleanse your face only once in the day.


Combination skin- Combination skin is a blend of both oily and dry skin. It is influenced by genetics and also by puberty, when oil glands increase their production and face becomes greasy. Exfoliation is important to keep the skin healthy as it helps to remove dead skin cells and flaky spots. Therefore, it is vital to use a gentle exfoliator to help the skin in the renewal process. Make sure that the products you use keep up with the changes. Keep an eye on any and switch up for the beauty regime accordingly.


Every skin type has a different regime and therefore, it is very important to strictly follow skin care routine according to your skin type to keep it flawless and youthful.