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Definitive Technology's BP9040 offers the best Atmos upgrade path we've seen

"Chloe Siddons" (2020-06-25)

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Ever since appeared on the home audio scene two years ago it has posed a challenge for potential buyers as well as speaker designers. For the user it was "should I buy new height speakers, drill holes in my roof, or dangle ill-fitting modules from the top of my existing speakers?" Definitive has come up with the most elegant solution we've seen so far, but it's not cheap.

The BP9040 tower speaker and its innovative Atmos dock enables users to keep height speakers as an option, without needing to invest in Atmos from the get-go. If you're not all that excited by Atmos or DTS:X, just stick with the BP9040 a la carte ($1,800 per pair). If you change your mind in a year or two, pick up a set of A90 add-on height speakers ($500 per pair), plug 'em in, redo the set-up of your home theater, and you'll be in business.

The Def Tech's sound quality is geared toward movies, especially after adding the optional docking speakers, with the onboard subwoofers adding real punch to action movies. Music is pretty serviceable but you'll need a warm amp to counter the bright-sounding drivers.At $2,300 with the A90 add-on, the BP9040 speaker is breathing rarified air, and while it offers excellent home theater sound, it is up against stiff competition. In our comparison we ended up preferring the