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Four Benefits of Coloring

"Lydia Perdriau" (2020-06-28)


Children and coloring books are like peanut butter and jelly.
Its a recipe for fun like no other. And give the opportunity, children will sit and coloring for hours on end, giving to each animal, pirate and Cartoon character a colorful flair. But, did you know that this simple activity actually provides lifelong benefits for your child.

Its true. If Ive caught your interest, continue reading. This article will outline four solid educational benefits that make coloring not only fun but worthwhile in the development of your child.

Your Childs Character Through Color and Line
(Children express their personalities through line and color.
Some children, given the chance, may design interesting patterns to fill each space, develop and repeat interesting color relationships, or make bold and subtle strokes as an outer expression of their inner character. The best thing you can do through all this is to  hand them their crayons and set the free.

This freedom to be creative, along with the freedom for criticism, will most likely lead to many highly desired outcomes.

Developing Motor Skills in Young Children(
The simple act of coloring provides basic motor skill development in young children. Through this activity coordination, strength and grip are enhanced.
Through observation you will be able to determine if they are ready for handwriting. Growth areas to look for include sustained attention, their grip on the crayon, their posture, and their coordination of their second hand to hold the coloring book in place.

Growing Creativity(
From coloring grows creativity.

Coloring gives kids an opportunity to express their unique creative side. Just let them go. Don't worry if the color doesnt look right to you, or if theyre coloring outside the lines. Your role in all this should be to provide your child with crayons and a coloring book.
Then let them find their own creative path. After they complete there picture, praise them for their effort. You may just be nurturing the next Picasso.

Encouraging Artistic Skill
(Coloring book kids become great artists. Not all of them - but some do.

This opportunity for your child is  their first opportunity to create something with visual appeal. You might now see much in it, but they do, simply because they colored it. Coloring books and pages also offer a jump start to success, because they provide a professional element - a printed picture.
All they have to do is enhance it.

Interested in making the most of your childs coloring book experience? Here are a few things you can do to encourage the development of their skill. Show them how to fill a space, such as side-to-side and up-and-down strokes, coloring with the side of the crayon, or by stippling (coloring with tiny dots).

If your children are older, you can discuss how to use complementary colors to make the picture more vibrant and 크레파스 shading.