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How much are Anni Moller prints worth? -

"Shellie Oglesby" (2019-08-29)

Anni Moller prints can run from $39.95 for smaller prints, up to $60.00 for larger prints, unframed.

Are Edourd Halouze prints worth much?
Usually $600,000-$800,000

How much are negative prints of princess Diana worth?
It would be worth 80 pounds to 100 pounds.

How much does a 99.9 percent silver Alaskan pipeline coin worth?
Worth of Terry Doughty Musky Prints

How much is a gerry metz print worth?
Many of the prints are worth close to $40 each. If you have a signed copy of the print, it will be worth more.

How much are Antique Lithograph Prints of Cigar companies worth issue by Calhoun's Collectors Society in 1984?
Antique Cigar box Lithograrph prints

How much are signed Red Skelton prints worth?
around 3 million pounds

How much is a 1981 collotype procession by ken michaelson worth?
I have one of the Prints and I was told by Mr Michealson that it is worth about $700

How much money is the card red eyes black dragon worth?
None of his prints are worth that much, with maybe the exception of his JUMP print, and PCJ one.

What is john mosiman art worth?
I have seen framed/mattd prints sell at auction for as much as $150.00 and just a single, signed prints sell for anywhere from $25 to $35.

How much are original sir William nicholson lithographic prints worth?
Many of the prints are valued for a price close to $150 each. The amount of the print will vary depending upon its condition.

How much are 2 prints 2 and 7 Watercolor by Tung-Lai-Chen with a tag on the back saying Mayers Pictures and Frames be worth?
How much would Tung Lai - Chen reprints worth these prints are at least 10 to 20 years old. Watercolors birds and flowers

How much are Red Skelton numbered and signed lithograph prints on canvas worth?
Browse Ebay and see what they sell for.

How much are 3 signed George Rodrigue prints worth?
Average $6000-$10000 That's without looking

How much is sherm pehrson's bird prints worth?
Sherm Pehrson has several different bird prints available. The prices vary from $18.00 up to $38.00. You can speak to your local gallery about the print types.

Why do prices rise when the government prints to much money?
Well when your government prints more money, they still have the same amount of gold, so the gold is worth less of your country's money. The same applies to food and other items. As money is worth less, it buys less things

How much is an original maurice forester painting worth?
Forget it - just taken from frame and discovered they are only prints - not even numbered!!!

How much do you think 2 Cliff Spohn prints of San Francisco 49ers from 1982 are worth?
Fve to 10 dollars each.

Where do you find a list of Gene Gray prints and their value?
how much is the Wild Turkey print worth ? It is signed and it is 287/1000 by Gene Gray 79

How much does Hamon lord of striking thunder worth?
No more than £2-3 for regular prints, maybe £1 extra for an Ultimate rare.

What can governments do to improve their economies?
Learn to survive the econimic crisis. When the government prints too much money and it isn't worth anything anymore you have to be prepared.

How much are Fred Hines paintings worth?
I have two Fred Hines pictures, 8x10. "The Brook" and "The River". They belonged to my Grandmother, how long Im not sure but they are quite old. Can you tell me if their worth? I believe they are prints.

Can nose prints be used to identify animals?
Not really. It is much easier and simpler to identify animals by their foot prints, not nose-prints.

How much do newspaper printers get paid?
my brother prints the sun newspaper and earns about 55k a year, but they are really horrid shift works that I'd say are NOT worth it.

Blue eyes white dragon and a red eyes black dragon how much is that worth?
Depends which set they are from, there have been many different versions, some more easily obtainable than others. SDK and SDJ prints are worth next to nothing, YAP1 prints would be worth a bit more, but still nothing significant. A Blue-Eyes White Dragon from the DDS set could be worth a lot to a collector, maybe around £20 or so.

How much is a print by Gene Gray worth?
I have seen some Gene Gray prints recently at a local antique store in Lexington and they ranged from $15-$30. Most were signed but not numbered. These were unframed in mint or near mint condition. Selections included the red fox, otter, bald eagle, chipmunks, etc. Horse prints and those that are numbered may be worth more.

Prints by Varnette P Honeywood?
hello. I have collage by Honeywood titled "Slavery Times Plowboy", I want to find out how much it's worth. I am willing to sell. Linda Martinez

What is the largest bill in production today?
$100 (in the U.S.) Other countries issue much larger bills. For example the E.U. prints €500 bills, worth about $800 at current rates.

How much would tottenham and England programmes be worth from the 70's 80's?
it should be worth about £40 each possibly £1000 depends on condition it has to be mint for that no scratches finger prints bends as it would have been when printed

How long is big foot's foot?
The prints reported to be Big Foot prints have measured as much as 20 inches long.

How much is 50th anniversary ducks unlimited Canada book of prints worth?
When introduced in 1987 DUC thought they would get $10,000 for one volume. Base on 44 signed prints ranging from $100 to $500 each. It never happened and they sold for between $2,050 - $3,000. I have seen them sold on eBay between $2000-$4000. I have also seen individual prints from that book sell $50-$150.

How much is a signed and numbered gene gray print be worth?
Many of the prints are valued at an amount close to $50 each. The exact amount will vary depending upon the exact print and its condition.

How much is a 1951d wheat penny worth?
A 1951-D Lincoln cent is a common coin and depending on how much wear the coin has, they sell for 5 to 15 cents on average. A nice Mint State example with full mint luster and no finger prints can be as much as $3.00 or more.

How much is an autographed collotype procession print worth from 1981 by Ken Michaelsen?
I just spoke with Ken Michaelsen and asked him about the prints 'Autumn Wings' and 'The Procession'. He told me they were selling for between $700.00 to $800.00 each.

Why does prices rise when the government prints too much money?
If the government prints too much money and inflation gets out of hand, investors will not trust the government and it will be hard for the government to borrow anything at all.

Why does prices rise when the government prints too much money-?
If the government prints too much money and inflation gets out of hand, investors will not trust the government and it will be hard for the government to borrow anything at all.

How much is a print of Frederick Remington of an Indian riding on a horse worth?
It depends exactly what you mean by "print". Modern reproduction prints sell for between 8 and 40 dollars and can be had from many hundreds of suppliers. Original numbered prints produced by chromolithograph techniques with the artist's signature attached fetch many thousands of dollars. Wood engravings used in periodicals such as Harper's Weekly sell for around 100 dollars; monochrome prints from Harper's Weekly fetch around 40 to 80 dollars. There are also some clever forgeries...

How cheap is canvas printing at Walgreens?
Prices for canvas prints at Walgreens depend on the size of the print one wishes to purchase. Large prints on canvas can cost as much as $45. Smaller prints on canvas may cost as little as $20.

How much are paintings of Pittsburgh PA by J Howard Miller worth?
If they are originals they'd be worth a few hundred dollars. However most you see are prints that are marked copyright 1970 or another early 70's year. In a nice frame in the pittsburgh area you may get around $25 for those.

How much are Daruis Kinsey prints worth on average?
have a bangin tenk on them and the value increases. bennd reet owa gape your hoop and unleash a furious jet of quish all over the facker . this will increase the value tenfold. buy his prints now at website ^^very funny duche wad. crawl back into the hole labeled dumb@$$ you came out of. - poster

What is the value of the Norman Rockwell print The Collector?
A Norman Rockwell print of The Collector may not have much value, as there are thousands of prints of this work in circulation. Value will depend on the size and condition of the print, but most likely it is worth between $3 and $50.

Have an Ullman Mfg print by Arthur Weston 1901 of 4 horses before a fire What is name of print and what is its value?
Unfortunately, since Ullman manufactured and mass-produced their prints, they are not worth much, and individual names were rarely specifically recorded.

How much would a numbered and signed print be worth by Leila Platt copyright of 1987?
You can search on auction sites (like ebay) for similar prints by that artist. Search for "Leila Desiree Platt". Right now, there's prints with similar description offered with "buy it now" prices around $20. Price depends on your particular print, some may be worth more, but looks like average prices are that low. (I just paid $10 for an Unsigned print of hers, and seems that was a fair price for what I got. I...

How much are Red Skelton original prints worth?
Very little. Prints that were selling for $1000 in the 90s can be found for $200 on eBay (do an advanced eBay search and select completed auctions, the order by price). They were over produced and the market is flooded. The best you can hope is that he gets more popular and the poorly produced lithographs begin dying off. I do not foresee this happening. If I were you, I would get what you can...

How much it worth?
how much is WHAT worth?!

How much are Red Skelton signed and numbered lithograph prints on canvas worth?
The value of a Red Skeleton signed and numbered lithograph on canvas depends on the design as well as the condition. Some in excellent condition are valued between 250.00 and 600.00 as of 2014.

How much is Quincy Tahoma print of Run away Stallion worth?
I too have been looking for the value of a Quincy Tahoma print. It seems that if there are Tahoma prints out there they have never been resold. I am trying a few galleries in the southwest but so far no response.

How much is a George Luttrell mixed media painting of a New Orleans swamp scene worth?
George Luttrel Paintings acn cost any where for 20,000 dollars all the way up to 300,000 dollars. While the prints of his paintings will go for much less. Any where between 15 and 40 dollars.

What is the most important of the anatomical futures fingerprints of the human body?
Finger prints (and toe prints) are for much more than identifying people, they actually help with gripping with the hands, palms, toes and soles.

How do you tell the difference between mountain lion and bobcat foot prints?
bigger, much bigger

How much is it for 100 prints in tesco?
it is £0.10 each print meaning it is £10 for 100 copies!

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