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Presidents George Washington And Abraham Lincoln

"Anton Edward" (2019-10-07)

This holiday of President's Day originated to offer special recognition to President George Washington, America's first President, but would soon come to encompass a broader meaning in recognition for Abraham Lincoln and great leaders elect of our nation. The date of recognition was chosen to commemorate the birthday of George Washington which was February 11th of 1731 according to the Julian calendar. This date confusion was only a minor glitch and easily compensated for until Abraham Lincoln came along; another great president in deserving of recognition and as luck would have it another February birthday as well. Although Lincoln's birthday was never to be declared a federal holiday, it did become recognized as one of significance at the state level where many of the governments observed February 12th as a legal holiday. In 1968, a bill was passed to change several of the federal holidays to make things a bit easier on the calendar schedules of federal employee's observance of holidays. Moving several of the declared holidays to the Mondays of a specific week, three day weekends promote easier schedule accommodations for the observance. In the case of President's Day observance, it is held on the third Monday of the February calendar. We refer to this holiday as President's Day to honor both presidents but officially it still remains to be called Washington's Birthday. Congress rejected the proposal to change the recognition to President's Day which is ironic as it always tends to fall after Lincoln's birthday and before Washington's. Confusion surrounding the official name change of the holiday caused quite a stir; many leaders believe Lincoln was short-changed while others believe all presidents are deserving of recognition.

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Learning the presidents in order is something that many have to do for school at some point in time for a test. You might also want to learn the presidents in order just for general knowledge. There are some easy ways that will help you learn them much faster or help your children learn if you need to teach them. Learn a little something about each president. While you can just memorize first and last names, this doesn't mean much. When you know something about each president and what went on during the presidency, it's easier to remember where they were in history and what was going on. Sometimes you might associate an object or accomplishment with each one which helps you remember. Get pictures of the presidents. Learn what they look like and be able to identify them by name. This will give you some recognition making you more familiar with the subject. Take flash cards with one name of each president on each day. Start by mixing all these up and putting them back into order the right way. This will help you understand the order. If you are teaching your child, have them put each flash card on each president's face. Keep a list of the presidents in order with you. Read them through the day so that you will memorize them better. If you are doing this for your child, you can read them out loud to him or her to help them learn. One trick is a simple one to remember any list. Take the first letter of each president and turn it into a different word. Make these words into a sentence. Then all you have to do is remember that creative sentence to get the first letter of each president in order. You then fill in the presidents' names. Be sure you test yourself. Write them down in order on a piece of paper and double check.

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