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The OverAchiever: The best achievements for making gold

"Edmund Mclain" (2019-10-07)

How to Make $100 - $500 Per Day For FREE 2017 || Newbie ...-text c-gray-1" >Every Thursday, The Overachiever shows you how to work toward those sweet achievement points. This week, if you're not the 1% already, you will be soon. By their very nature, most achievements either directly or indirectly cost you gold or are at least associated with some extremely unpleasant trips to the Auction House. We had a small discussion on just this point last week. But there are always exceptions, and there's a set of achievements in the game that will earn you a healthy nest egg if you care to go looking for them.

From my perspective, stuff like Got My Mind On My Money doesn't count, as it's just a reflection of how much gold you're looting in the game and not in itself a means of earning income. I'm after the stuff from which you almost can't help but make gold. Concerning general achievements: Perhaps not surprisingly (given the overrepresentation of general achievements in last week's The OverAchiever: Got 100 dollar a day jobs,000+ gold handy?), you're going to have a tough time finding a way to make money here.

Most general achievements either cost you something (e.g., Into the Wild Blue Yonder) or are otherwise divorced from the game's financial side (e.g., Friend or Fowl?). I actually can't find a single achievement here that doesn't meet one of those two conditions. Look elsewhere, folks. You will not be making money from the general achievements slot. Quest achievements Almost every quest in the game awards gold, so by definition, it's impossible not to make money while you're working on quest achievements.

The Bread Winner and Justly Rewarded are implicit acknowledgments of this. You will definitely get the former while working on Loremaster and 3,000 Quests Completed, but I don't know off hand if this'll extend to the 30,000 gold required for Justly Rewarded. Because daily quest rewards count toward each, I wouldn't depend on it. The Loremaster This is WoW's grand slam, but be prepared to work for it. For Alliance, there are now 3,428 quests between you and Loremaster; for Horde, there are 3,348.

The average player doing Loremaster will probably spend anywhere between one to three months on it, depending on how many quests they did leveling up. 3,000 Quests Completed Assuming you're starting from zero, you will get 3,000 Quests Completed (and thus the Seeker title) fairly late during your Loremaster grind. However, this is a little more forgiving that Loremaster, because holiday and dungeon quests also count.

You know the candy buckets during Hallow's End, the elders during the Lunar Festival, and the fires during the Midsummer Fire Festival? Those all count, so be sure to pay attention to the holidays. However, you can't cheese Seeker with dailies -- those'll only count the first time you do them. Back when I did the Loremaster grind on my main, she earned somewhere in the region of about 11,000 to 12,000 gold at level 80. A rogue player who leveled sequentially through each zone from scratch got around 19,000, and that was pre-Cataclysm.

Don't get me wrong -- Loremaster is definitely not the way to make gold as quickly as you can, but you'll find yourself sitting on a decent chunk of change before long.