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Which are the best podcast sites to use?

"Rocky Eastman" (2019-10-07)

aegis_logo_square_w.jpgThe podcasting industry is booming, but according to a new Interactive Advertising Bureau report, it has not yet reached its peak. The volume of podcast hosting sites like V-TIP.COM is growing. Most cost a nominal fee, but some, like V-TIP are free.

The advertising income for podcast in 2018 reached approx. $479 million, a 53 percent jump from $314 million in 2017, IAB and PwC report on a study of US top-sales podcasts the USA.They are forecasting that the industry will reach $1 billion by 2021. The industry's growth comes with podcasting becoming more commonplace. In 2018, listening in the United States increased by 7 percent, a recently released report, by Edison Research, more than half of the 12-year-old population listened to a podcast.
The best 2018 podcasts based on average episode download as reported by Podtrac are the following: Dan Carlin's Hardcore History, Serial, This American Life, Radiolab and Dr. Death. Per the IAB report, the most popular programs for advertisers were news, in addition to politics and current events shows, which accounted for over 18% of the business income.Other on-demand types included comedy (14 percent) and business (13 percent). The advertisers who gave the sector the most income weredirect-to-consumer retail brands (22%), financial services (21%), business-to-business (14%) and arts and entertainment (10%). Podcasting started to catch fire after Apple's podcasting app was launched in 2012 .Serial, with its first season in 2015, was the first real breakthrough.

As the industry has grown, so, too, have the companies looking to capture a piece of the ballooning revenue pool. Companies such as Gimlet Media, Endeavor Audio, Crooked Media and Wondery have debuted their own original shows. More established companies are also taking part in the fight. Over the past year, both Spotify and iHeartMedia have increased their portfolios by making of number of high stakes acquisitions in this sector. Google reported up to 10 million monthly requests for "podcasts" via the search engine giant in 2019 it's easy to believe that podcasts will only increase in popularity in the coming years.Millions of individuals are also searching for more targeted terms like "best podcasts" or "Google podcast" or "Apple podcast".

Edison Research reported in June 2019 that the previous month approximately 90 million Americans listened to a podcast,a slight jump in 2014 from the 42 million viewers and a 26% boost from 2018. Podcasters just starting out making nothing while working on their first episodes, trying to build listeners. For example, The Jerry Banfield Show creator reported earning $188.73 for 74,080 plays,in other words, he made about $2.55 for every 1,000 people who heard his show,luckily the show’s sponsors tend to pay more, according to Banfield.

Some start up podcasts like "The World As I Like It To Be", are in a crowded field when it comes to the ever popular politics and social news genre.With everyone from Pod Save America to Chapo Trap House in the game it’s hard to get a foothold. But podcaster Eric Darnley Small says it’s worth the struggle. "The ability to reach so many people requiring little to no overhead is nothing short of remarkable. So, it’s worth the struggle and the fight to get a toe hold and bring that audience in. Like politics, its authenticity that matters."

For those with a background in television production, Small says, podcasting might be a natural fit.