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Who Can Introduce A Bill Into Congress

"Bernadette Horseman" (2019-10-07)

Can the president introduce a bill in congress? Members of the Congress are the only people that can introduce a bill into Congress. The President is only able to propose a bill, but not introduce it. Can the president introduce a bill in congess? No- but he can ask somebody in Congress to introduce a bill for him . Who are the people that can introduce a bill in Congress? The Senate and in some cases the Judicial branch. How can the president introduce legislation to the Congress? Who can introduce a law in the house or the senate? Any member of Congress can introduce a bill in their respective House. Who can introduce a bill to both houses of congress? Only senators can introduce it to the senate, and only represenatives can introduce it to the House. Who can intoduce a bill for consideration to congress? Any member of either house can introduce a bill. Can the president make an announcement to introduce a bill? The U.S. President cannot introduce a bill, but it is part of his/her job to suggest to Congress what bills are needed.

Can the President introduce a Bill If not where do Bills come from? Only members of Congress con actively introduce bills. Who may introduce a bill in congress? Can a citizen get a bill in congress? Private Citizens cannot introduce legislation. Citizens may petition their representatives, and ask them to enact a bill, but only elected representatives can introduce a bill for consideration. Who can write a proposed bill? Who must first introduce a bill for it to be considered by congress? Who introduces Bills to the House? How can a citizen get a bill passed in congress? You can write, e-mail or call a congressman who thinks the way you do and explain what you think should be done. Maybe he will introduce the bill you want. Lobbying via various organizations the citizen belongs to may also help get the bill passed. But, to be specific, a citizen cannot themselves introduce a bill in Congress - only an actual Member of Congress can do that.

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