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"Roman Randle" (2019-10-07)

I used to live in the wooded area of Owensburg, Indiana. One late afternoon in October 2003, I decided to take Mike, my red and white Bassett hound, for a walk on our land. Mike was now lame, when a neighbor's pickup truck struck Mike one morning when he darted into the road. The accident had left him seriously injured. Mike's injuries had dislocated both hips and one injured leg that required surgery..The surgery was successful and Mike soon recovered from his injuries. Mike was not detoured by his old injury. Soon he was able to run again. He limped with a stiff leg, but could move quickly when he felt like it! Sometimes we'd take a long walk through our woods. Mike would lead us up a small hill. We would then walk through an open meadow. We loved to play and bask in the warmth of the sun! Our neighbors lived close to us. They were not within sight.. They lived across the road from us.

They had a long winding driveway that lead across a creek to their home. Our neighbors, Ken and Sue Hawkins had recently bought a double wide home. They now lived on a hill overlooking Plummers creek! Close to their property, was a hidden ice cave. I had visited this wondrous hidden cave, a few times, through the years. It was the only cave in this country that produced ice in the summertime! I once lead a curious newspaper reporter, Larry Incolligno, from The Bloomington Herald Times, to this interesting cave..The cave was caved in, but it also had a corridor, that lead to a 50 foot drop.. The reporter was fascinated when a neighbor of ours, Joe Creager brought up a handful of ice, from a caved in section of the cave. Its the only ice cave known in America. It's a good place to hide in, for animals and humans alike.

Despite Mike's lameness, and the cold weather, Mike always loved to walk with me. At this time, we owned a couple of acres of land. We had plenty of land to roam on. Most of our land consisted of oaks, pines, black walnuts, apple, hickory nuts, persimmon trees, and flowers. Our woods were located on the right side of our property. We had a natural spring situated next to the woods. We had a lovely scenic route to explore and travel on. Often we would forage for morel mushrooms and ginseng in the spring and summer. It was cold and windy, on this particular day. A chill ran through me, as I gathered my scarf around my neck.The trees were bare, except for the large pines, that sat on our small hill. They were fully loaded with pine cones. We had a man-made pond which was nestled close to this one lovely pine tree that I loved. Bloomfield, the previous summer. At the end of October, my neighbor Sue Hawkins, had a closer encounter, only a worse encounter then I had.had..

Luckily, she escaped into her double wide home, treading very carefully, she said not turning her back on the panther, and with her little dog tucked snuggly in her arms.. I heard the screams of this big cat one summer evening. We were sitting on our front porch. He screamed just like a woman. These rhythmic screams continued for an hour. It's a lonely, piercing sound to hear at night. Its eerie to hear these high pitched screams. Very unnerving to encounter one, but if you should encounter a big cat, make yourself as big as you can, and wave! I know, it was an experience that I'll never forget! Paul Harvey, once announced on his radio show, " that only in Greene County, do people disappear, and are never seen again." Now I am indeed, wondering about his comment! Who could imagine that the mighty human, the top of the food chain would be considered as food to another mammal? The earthquake and subsequent problems that are beleaguering the people of Japan right now has got me to thinking.

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