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"Kattie Boucaut" (2019-10-08)

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We blend in and marry into the culture here. It is not uncommon to see interracial families. I would hate to have race issue here. We are too invested in each other to let that happen here. I would like the world to see how Arizona handles our version of the Trayvon Martin incident and learn how it should be done as opposed to repeating what Florida did. 50 Caliber called my attention to this hub, and I'm glad he did. You did an excellent job of pointing out the double standard, or even triple standard, that exists when it comes to addressing and reporting crimes that have, and that do not have, racial overtones. Thank you so much for keeping this going. Our family has started a petition to the Phoenix Police and the DA. Any signatures we can get would be greatly appreciated. 50, appreciate you comment and your vote. What I question about the law is its application.

I can say that I agree with you that the law does not apply in either of those cases, but will the jury see it that way for Zimmerman. The lawyers are going to approach the law. A good prosecutor will start out by asking the judge to disallow reference to the law because the accused stalked the boy before he was attack and thus provoked the response of the boy before he died. Even if the judge disagrees with that assessment, it will be on record setting a precedent of some sort. A good defense attorney would ask if the prosecution could be silenced about the application of the law, or the misapplication. In all, I think it was wrong to kill, but the way that Zimmerman's rights have been violated should also be admissible in court. I don't think he should serve more than 3 to 10 years for this charge. He did not intend to kill that boy, but he did.

He must pay for his crime but not as if he planned to murder the lad. Great story, I still like stand your ground. This was not a case for that law. Blocking a sidewalk with your vehicle, leaving a pedestrian no way but to step into traffic and cross in front of a running auto in forward gear is a threat. Last I checked a full stop before crossing a pedestrian walk way is required, to allow pedestrians passage before you ease forward to check traffic and proceed. I wasn't there, but If I were the responding cop the shooter would have been charged. The Zimmerman case the law does not apply there either. I voted your story up on the grounds that one killing is no better than the next, so where is the media circus? This kids life was worth as much as Martins, wasn't it? Gusser, oh my gosh I hope not.

I hope that Daniel's memory is safe from being added to the Trayvon Martin debauchery. I don't want the shoot in this case to be another Zimmerman. I just believe we need to protect the suspects, but jet justice for the dead. Daniel's kill was totally preventable. The driver should be charge and put in jail for murder. I don't like this stand your ground option anymore. Victoria, my heart goes out to you and your family. My wife's cousin was shot till death by her estranged boy friend in 2006. It is hard to loose a loved one to violence. Instead of making this about race, I hope that we can keep it about Daniel. No one is even talking about what happened anymore because he is not Black. I think it is just the state of race in Arizona, but I do feel that in light of the Trayvon Martin case and the charge against Zimmerman something should be done. The police will not even release the shooter's name here. I am just too upset over how one of my fellow citizens was not given due process and protection by the law. I'm sure Al Sharkskin and Jesse Jackass will be in Phoenix tomorrow to shed light on this. I'm sure Al Sharkskin and Jesse Jackass will be in Phoenix tomorrow to shed light on this. Thank you soo much for pointing out that this should not be about race. Daniel was my cousin and although I live in Pennsylvania my family travelled to Phoenix for the funeral. We had Daniels funeral Easter Day while this unnamed man sat at home celebrating with his family. Where is this right?