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Things to do in Da Nang City

"Nate Mahony" (2019-10-08)

My Khe Beach: My Khe beach
Located about 6km east of Da Nang and about 24km north of Hoi An, with the stretch of smooth sand, its fresh atmosphere and blue water, My Khe Beach was voted as one of six most charming beaches in the planet by American Economic Review Forbes.
Being called as an ideal beach, My Khe beach stretches over 900 metres and offers smooth sand Máy hút chân không and a gentle gradient, at an average width of 50-70 metre. The autumn winds and calm- water with the average temperature 25C degree create a great safe place for everybody at different ages.

\u0110\u00e8n LED | C\u1ed9ng \u0111\u1ed3ng Arduino Vi\u1ec7t NamVisitors can explore Son Tra peninsula by walking around to feel deeply the unique smell of ocean or participating in many interesting activities. For example, you can try scuba diving to discover plentiful coral reefs, colorful marine animals of ocean, etc.
Besides, do not forget to swim in the cool sea and enjoy the great view of the sandy banks stretching round. Sitting on deckchair to hear the sound of waves while drinking a cup of cocktail or coconut milk, your mind totally is free and relaxed. Cham Museum: Cham museum

Located at the junction of Bach Dang Street and Tran Phu Street, Hai Chau District, Da Nang City, Cam museum is considered the largest collection of Cham sculpture and artwork in the world. Cham Museum was built in 1915 according to the motifs of ancient Cham Architecture.
At present, the museum displays approximately 300 sandstone and terra-cotta sculptures. Most of the artifacts are masterpieces of Champa art. The sculptures were collected from Cham temples and towers from all destinations in Vietnam, especially from Quang Binh to Binh Thuan. It is very easy to discover the collections because they are displayed after their original location. The museum opens from 8.00am - 5.00pm and you have to buy ticket to enter.

The updated ticket price in 2013 is around 30,000VND/ ticket. Ba Na Hill: Ba Na Hill
Ba Na Hill is situated on Chua Mountain in the Truong Son Mountains, 30km from Da Nang city's centre. Besides, Ba Na Hill is the ideal attraction because first of all, you have chance to experience four seasons within a day. Normally, the temperature of this place is cool; the average temperature in the summer is about 18C degree, hence enables for tourists to feel comfortable even when they have hard trekking.

Not only enjoy clear and green air of unspoiled forest but tourists also contemplate spectacular views. Ba Na Hill offers numerous cannot-miss attractions. For instance, if you are active tourists and want to enjoy a bustling atmosphere with interesting games, Fantasy Park is your first choice.
You can participate in video games, rock climbing, or carnival of rides, etc. However, for the people who love tranquil atmosphere, let's go to admire the magnificent beauty of Linh Ung pagoda. You can visit website to see others great attractions in Da Nang city.

Local foods
One of the easy ways to travel like local people is trying street foods. Like Hanoi- a street food paradise, it is not hard to find local dishes in Da Nang city. Quang noodle
Quang noodle: Like "pho" in Hanoi or "beef rice noodle" in Hue, Quang noodle is considered a specialty in Da Nang City. This dish is made with rice noodle and variety of herb, lettuce and the flower of bananas. Broth can be made by simmering pork and tibia shin, chickens, or fishes.

Serve with crushed dried peanuts, oil from fried onion, chopped spring onion, lemon, chilli, and grilled "banh trang". Tourists can try this dish in Ba Ngan restaurant at 108 Dong Da Street or Ba Lu restaurant at 126 Ham Nghi Street. The average price is around 25,000VND- 40,000VND/bowl.
Pork rolling cakes (Banh trang thit heo): These spring rolls are not fried, and delicious with the dipping sauces. A piece of triangle rice flour is added to the rice paper before you wrap vegetables and meat. Pork is selected carefully, hard- boiled and cut into many thin slices.

The greens include more than 10 different kinds of herbs. There are some recommended restaurants such as: Mau restaurant at 35 Do Thuc Tinh Street; and Tran restaurant at 4 Le Duan Street. The average price for each portion is about 30,000VND- 60,000VND. Vietnamese sweetened porridge: If crepes are a desert toward French people, tea and cookies are deserts of Japanese people, in Vietnam sweetened porridge is one of the traditional deserts and also a familiar nosh.

It is a traditional Vietnamese thick, sweet dessert soup or sweetened porridge that is made of corn, bean, taro, etc, sugar and tapioca flour. This food can be served with peanut and coconut milk. You can taste this sweet desert in Quan Che at 226 Phan Chau Trinh Street or Che xoa xoa on Tran Binh Trong Street.
The average price is around 8,000VND- 20,000VND/portion.