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What is backing powder - Answers

"Guy Blanco" (2019-10-09)

Do you mean baking powder?

How do you make backing powder?
You probably mean baking powder.

What has a crystalline appearance baking soda salt backing powder or corn starch?
baking soda,sait backing powder or corn starch

How is backing powder different than backing soda?
You snort one and drink the other.

Why does baking powder dissolve in water but not lemonade?
Backing powder can be dissolved in lemonade.

Is baking powder a compound or mixture?
Baking powder is a mixture of backing soda and other compounds

What are some easy science projects?
backing powder and muffins

What happened when you mix vinger and baking power?
The vinegar and backing powder will mix and just became a liquid. when using backing SODA, then the vinegar and backing soda will start becoming bubbly!

What happens if you omit backing powder from recipe?
Your item won't puff up.

Is baking powder used in baking soda?
No. However sodium bicarbonate (backing soda) is an active ingredient in baking powder.(so the other way around, yes.)

What do three tablespoons of backing powder add up to in cups?
three sixteenths. there is 16 tablespoons in a cup.

How do you make solar eclipses with backing powder?
You just hold up a box of backing powder in front of your face, between yourself and the sun, and, voilà, the sun is eclipsed. Possibly the questioner is getting mixed up about some home experiments. For example, if you Google "Science at Home" there is an experiment about a solar eclipse and a different experiment with baking soda, a component of baking powder.

How do all-purpose flour and self-rising flour differ?
Self rising flour is usually softer and has backing Buy steroid powder (soda?) added.

How can you get rid of severe trapped wind?
a hot bath or a cup of warm tomato soup yumm :) or a glass of warm water with backing powder or ginger bread men

Who's at fault in backing accident out of driveway?
I would say probably the person backing out, as they should of looked for any oncoming cars before backing out. ---- The person backing out of the driveway who did not yield to oncoming traffic.

Were can you get free backing tracks?
In order to get free backing tracks for music, you will want to visit the website called Guitar Backing Track. You can download, upload, and use any of their backing tracks free of charge.

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