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Dr Sehrish Directs Timely Settlement Of Advt Bills Of Newspapers

"Elise Couture" (2019-10-09)

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SRINAGAR, Sept 24: Director, Information & Public Relations, Dr. Syed Sehrish Asgar today asked for timely and regular settlement of bills raised on account of advertisements issued to various newspapers by the Department. Chairing a review meeting of officers in this regard, the Director asked for submission of fortnightly reports of advertisements, releases and liabilities by both the Joint Directorates of Kashmir and Jammu to her. She said it is her earnest desire to make the functioning of the Department as transparent as possible and ensure that maximum facilitation is extended to the members of the media fraternity by the Department. She impressed upon the officers of the Department to make earnst efforts while asking them to re activate their field units in this regard. The meeting was informed that on the instructions of Director Information, Rs. Crore were released to Joint Directorates of Kashmir and Jammu in the past week to clear the liabilities of the newspapers accrued in the past few months. This is in addition to Rs. It may be recalled that several delegations of newspaper owners who had met the Director Information had sought clearance of liabilities of advertisements besides regular and periodic release of payments. Dr.Sherish had assured the delegations to evolve a mechanism to ensure periodic release of payments besides clearing the liabilities and proper regulatory mechanism in the distribution of advertisements to newspapers. Stressing on more intense relations between media and the Department, Dr.Sehrish assured the journalists that the Department is trying to facilitate the media fraternity in every manner possible.

We are easily been able to remember who those people were. Do you remember the kids who didn't blend well? Who were the kids who always seemed to be in transition, adapting their personality to what ever situation or social group they encountered. You may be able to name those people too. Our goal as parents is to help our child find out who they are as a person. We need to be concerned with teaching our children how to be a good friend, instead of helping them find friends. We need to teach our children how to be the kind of person that other people are drawn to. As parents our job is to teach our children how to be the person that will attract the kind of people they want to be around. When we teach them how to be that person we are really teaching them three things: Confidence, Character and Critical Thinking. Here is what a confident person looks like shoulders back, their chest open.

Their hands are not clenched or crossed, this posture shows that they are open and their heart is speaking to other peoples hearts. Our posture shows we are approachable. Confident people look other people in the eye, and smile. They smile without assuming the other person is going to smile back. Our children need to learn character and values, so they will never be caught in situational ethics. Our children need to know what their values are before they are put into situations where those values are going to be tested. If children have made the decision early in life to be kind, they will easily be able to make the decision that they don't want to be involved in teasing others, even if it means going against the group. Our children need to be taught to think critically and be problem solvers. Over the next decade the ability to solve problems is going very important to our children. We need them to learn not only to solve conflict, but manage it. Children need to learn these skills so they do not become whiners or tattles, but empower themselves to be strong.

Learning to determine if conflicts that are happening are small problems and can be solved easily, or if there is a larger problem,(like someone being hurt) that may require intervention by an adult. There is a program called Kelso's choice which empowers young people, their parents and other caring adults with the ability to determine their own behaviour. It teaches how to master emotions which is a critical skill in conflict resolution. Kelso's Choice teaches youth not to take it personally when they are being teased. The program teaches when children are being teased it is very seldom about them, and is more often about the child who is doing the teasing. Children are taught the teaser is often involved in some sort of power struggle. This knowledge can drastically reduce the amount of tattling that goes on and keeps small problems from ballooning into huge problems. As parents we are encouraged to help our children develop the ability to decifer when something is a small problem, like a pebble, and when a problem may be bigger like a mountain. This also helps to improve the child's self esteem as the become more confident to solve problems on their own.

This tool is not just a solution for today, but something which can be used for their entire life. We can help our children learn critical thinking skills in a number of ways. Children need to learn tools like redirecting to another activity, sharing, taking turns, talking it out, walking away, or just ignoring conflict. One important skill they will learn is teaching them it is OK to tell someone they need to stop when what that person is doing makes them uncomfortable. By using body language such as an upheld hand, they learn to set boundaries. Many times these little things are all we need to do to stop a behaviour. If its something your child has done to cause a conflict we as parents need to teach them is OK to acknowledge they did something wrong and apologize, as well as do their best to correct the situation.