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sap ui5 and fiori

"Moses Owsley" (2019-10-10)


SAP Fiori is a new user experience (UX) for SAP software and applications. It provides a set of applications that are used in regular business functions like work approvals, financial apps, calculation apps and various self-service apps. ...
It is because Fiori means 'flowers' in Italian.

Fiori is collection of Business Apps from sap ui5 tutorial pdf that can run on mobile, tablet and desktop. These apps are developed using Design Thinking methodology and follow specific design Guidelines.
However, SAP Fiori is an umbrella term used for the User Experience(UX) strategy SAP has come up with. It has to do with the front end / UI development. This strategy has various technologies under it like SAPUI5, Fiori Launch pad,
Theme Designer etc.SAPUI5 is a HTML5 library package from SAP. SAPUI5 uses JQuery library as its core library and many other SAP specific libraries .
This is used to develop fiori apps.

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SAP Fiori provides all business roles in real time on compatible hand devices. It offers business roles on easy to use functions, simple with unmatched responsiveness on desktop, smartphones and Tablets