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"Shalanda Nankervis" (2019-10-10)

Joining the argument now on the side of Michigan, Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-NYC) has issued a report that reminds New Yorkers that 150,000 New York State jobs are dependent on the U.S. Of this figure, 3,000 jobs are in GM and Ford plants. The rest are in auto parts and other suppliers of goods and services to auto manufacturers, dealerships, and indirect losses from suppliers of goods and services to the auto workers who lose their jobs. The job loss would be the largest single-year loss since 1991, says Rep. Maloney, using data from an Economic Policy Institute report. The EPI report provides data to show NY State could lose 144,600 jobs if the Big 3 shut down -- out of 3.3 million jobs at stake nationally. The NY State comptroller has predicted that New York could lose as many as 225,000 jobs over the next two years. The 150,000 possible lost jobs would presumably be in addition although there may be some overlap in the projection methods.

A Bush Administration spokesperson has argued that a fallback possibility (given that the outgoing Senate refused to vote for an auto industry bailout) is for an "orderly" bankruptcy of GM and Chrysler instead of a bailout. 4 billion more in February, provided the companies develop reorganization plans that show they can become profitable soon. This is what Rep. Maloney has been calling for, i.e., immediate use of some of the TARP funds to buy time for the automakers. Ford is not in such dire straits as the other two of the Big 3 and can reportedly operate for another year without government support, but joined in the request for immediate aid. Rep. Maloney is among those who have been mentioned as possible candidates for the NY State Senate seat that is expected to be vacated by Sen. Hillary Clinton when she takes up the position of Secretary of State in the Obama Administration.

Simsbury, Connecticut’s Amos Eno House was built in 1822 by Elisha Phelps, who had been given the land by his father, Noah Phelps a prominent Simsbury judge, lawyer, and graduate of Yale University. The house is a late Georgian style residence which has had many additions in the late 1800s by Amos Eno in a Beaux Arts Classicism style. The Amos Eno House occupies a prominent position on the main north-south road through Simsbury village and is an important visual landmark in the town. Elisha Phelps and his wife had three children: John, Mary and Lucy. John Phelps grew up to be the Governor of Missouri and a United States Senator. Mary’s son became a Congressman. Lucy married Amos Richards Eno of Simsbury. They moved to New York City where they established a profitable dry-goods business. Lucy and Amos Eno made very successful real estate investments building the Fifth Avenue Hotel and founded with relatives the Second National Bank of New York with offices in the hotel.

The Eno family used the Amos Eno house in Simsbury as their summer vacation home during this time. One of their grandchildren born in the house was Gifford Pinchot, future landscape architect and conservationist, Pinchot became the first chief of the United States Forest Service and eventually went on to become Governor of Pennsylvania. However, scandal hit the family in 1884 when one of Amos’ sons, John Chester, embezzled millions of dollars from the bank for Wall Street investments and fled to Canada to avoid being prosecuted. The New York Tribune, May 14, 1884 describes what happened. 3,000,000 of the bank assets in Wall Street. At first, it was said, he was for having his son arrested and treated as a common criminal. In his excitement he lost sight entirely of the bank itself and visited his wrath only upon its president, his son. The directors finally led him to consider the position in which they themselves and the officers of the bank were placed, and prevailed upon him to make good a part of the deficit. The ground floor contains a central hallway and kitchen, with a breakfast nook and parlor. The second floor also has a central hall flanked by two rooms on each side. The house contains exquisitely detailed woodwork and glass throughout that attests to the wealth of the occupants. The town of Simsbury purchased the house in 1960, and in 1985 extensive restoration was done to both the interior and exterior. Today, the house is an inn, cafe and reception hall that hosts wedding parties up to 120 people. Located off U. S. 202 on Hopmeadow road, the Amos Eno House is one of Simsbury, Connecticut’s most important historic homes. Steve Penny author of Hiring The Best People writes on the best places for you to live in Connecticut.

It seems as if Congress has a committee for everything, even though it doesn’t accomplish all that much these days. There might be grounds for optimism, however. This year Congress set up a panel that’s focusing on how to knock the institution itself back into shape. The country’s founders aimed to establish Congress as the strongest branch of government, but it has been the weakest for at least a decade because it’s no longer independent, said former Virginia Republican Rep. Tom Davis in a recent interview. "The president’s party is basically an appendage of the executive branch, and the minority party no longer views itself as a minority shareholder. Instead, they’re the opposition party," he said. "You’re not going to restore that overnight without changes in behavior by the members and in the party structure. But one thing you can do is at least increase their knowledge base," he added. The 2017 tax-reform law, according to its critics, is a prime example of a measure that was shaped too much by lobbyists rather than by the diminished legislative branch, with provisions that favored brewers, citrus growers and other special interests.