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google blockly

"Corey Ambrose" (2019-10-10)

Blockly is library that adds a visual code editor to web and mobile apps. The Blockly editor uses interlocking, graphical blocks to represent code concepts like variables, logical expressions, loops, and more. It allows users to apply programming principles without having to worry about syntax or the intimidation of a blinking cursor on the command line.
Blockly is for developers. Blockly apps are for students. If you're here to use educational apps rather than build them, check out these Computer Science Learning Opportunities.
Building a Blockly app
From a user's perspective, Blockly is an intuitive, visual way to build code. From a developer's perspective, Blockly is a ready made UI for creating a visual language that emits syntactically correct user-generated code. Blockly can export blocks to many programming languages, including these popular options:
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