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What Are The Different Types Of Business Letters?

"Shad Jelks" (2019-10-10)

The two primary types of business letters include Business to Business (B2B) letters and Business to Customer (B2C) letters. There is also a third category of business letters that may be written to different government agencies, non-profit organizations, employees, or other individuals such as the editor of a newspaper. One of the traditional marketing tools is the sales letter that is written to the prospective clients or existing clients of the business to introduce them to a new product or service offered by the business. In the era of the Internet, many businesses have turned to email marketing as an electronic version of the traditional sales letter. Large businesses that have an extensive distributor or dealer sales and servicing network need to be in regular communication with the network. Business letters to the distributors may be promotional or motivational in nature, announcing new schemes and incentives, or apprising them of new product launches. Sometimes quality and service issues with specific distributors may also need to be addressed through written communication. The financial investors, creditors, bankers and shareholders are an important part of the business organization.

Any new policy decisions, management changes, takeovers, mergers, acquisitions, product or geographical diversification may need to be informed to these stakeholders through written communications. If the business is introducing a new financial instrument to raise finances for a new project, it may first like to communicate with the existing stakeholders to invest in the project. Suppliers of raw materials and vendors for different components of the company’s products are critical to the business. Business letters to these parties are important whenever there are some quality issues to be addressed, or new improvisations and innovations are necessary in the existing product line of the business. Customer feedback about quality, features and performance may also be shared with the suppliers and vendors through written communication. It is necessary for any business to communicate with its employees from time to time. Large and medium or geographically dispersed organizations may choose to communicate periodically through letters or emails with the employees. Apart from these important business letters, there are several business communications on a day-to-day basis to handle the operational side of the business. These may include demand or inquiry letters, apology letters, acknowledgment letters, appreciation letters, credit and collection letters, complaint letters, and letters of congratulation, recognition, recommendation, rejection, sympathy, charity and such other subjects.

Your comments will create a relationship. Once you are in personal touch with the editors and sub-editors, then start to submit your articles to them. You should study their requirements, i.e. what type of articles they want. Then think what you can give. Generally, Sunday editions of Newspapers publish articles on various subjects, from informative to political, poems to stories, biographies, history and a lot of other things. Always choose the subject which you like and in which you are expert. I do not recommend submitting articles by post, courtier or email in initial stage, you should directly submit by meeting the editor/ subeditor. Once you get established, then you can use other methods of submissions. In initial stages, always attach your brief introduction with a photograph. Before submitting an article, check it for correct spellings, grammar and overall structure of the article. The manuscript you are going to submit should be computer typed and printed on one side of the paper. Now many Newspapers prefer to get it in digital form, so give it to them in form of CD.

Also submit 2 or 3 photographs to related subjects, if possible. If you follow all this, there is a great chance of your articles being published. And for each of your article published, you will receive a good amount from the Newspapers as your remuneration. You can make your living by translating books, documents, letters and other things. Here is a short note on this job. Many writers on the internet are happy with copy-paste writing. Such writers have no future. So never be a copy-paste writer. True writers write using their knowledge, research, thinking power and creativity. Sanjay Sonawani was born on 14th August 1964 at Jalgaon in North Maharashtra of India. His first article was published when he was 11. He started his career as a crime journalist in a Hindi daily newspaper published from Pune. How to Write a Press Note and Distribute it? Eventually, you need to spread news about an event, achievement, announcement etc. on personal level or on behalf of institution or organization.

Everybody who want to release a news should know some basic things about writing a Press Note. While writing informative articles, many times you need correct information, references, statistics, facts, quotes etc. To get all these things, you have to read the books on related subjects or to search on the internet. In this digital age, taking photographs and sending them anywhere in the world has become too easy. If you can take better photographs, you can sell them to newspapers and news magazines. You just want to know what are their requirements. There are many ways to make a lot of money. You can make money if you want to make it. You can make money using traditional ways or the new ways the technology has invented. Making money has become easy in this new era of overall development. How to Increase Your Page Views of Your Blog or Website? Increasing the number of page views of your website, blog or Hub is a very important thing, especially when you are writing to make money.

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