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"David Blau" (2019-10-10)

As the old adage goes, politics is a dirty game. However, without a political system, we cannot have a functional social system. Indeed, political formations have been around for quite a while and they are expected to be there for many years to come. Based on the impotence of politics and the relevance politics has on our lives, many scholars have studied politics I an attempt to understand their formations, development as well as mechanics. With that said, politics books have become a norm rather than a rarity. It hence follows that from time to time, an individual may encounter a situation that calls upon him to complete a book review on politics. Further, as a student of political science, you instractors may require you to come up with politics book reviews from time to time. Though you may have the time to complete the same, you may lack the expertise to complete a substantive book review that ma guarantee you high grades.

This is the sole reason why we are here. Why order book reviews from our book reviews service? As it has already been noted above, completing book reviews not only as far as political science as well as history is concerned may end up to be an energy sapping and daunting task. This is essentially because to write conclusive book reviews, you must read the whole book in which you plan to base your review. We also offer you an interactive platform in which you can freely contact the writer completing your book review and request for a draft o the work done so far. This ensures that you participate at every stage of he book review writing hence ensuring that our final draft is tailored to meet your specific needs. Indeed, should you feel that a specific writer has conclusively addressed current order, you can always request for the same writer to complete your next order submission. Please Register or Login to post new comment. Love and Mindfulness. One and the Same? It's Time to Shine!

A preemptive military strike against North Korea? Is it that easy to do? No. Also, it does not matter if military strikes against North Korea (or Iran, for that matter) are with conventional or nuclear munitions. Mr. Trump and his advisors need to read applicable laws and Congressional Resolutions before they threaten to militarily strike another country. Let's begin with the U. S. Constitution. Article I, Section 8, states that only the Congress has the authority to declare war. Also, the Presidential War Powers Resolution, frequently called the Presidential War Powers Act, states that the executive branch must consult with and report to Congress before involving U.S. The directive thus imposes a two-man rule on presidential authority to order or direct military operations, either conventional or nuclear. In the first case decisions must go through both the Secretary of Defense and the Joint Chiefs of Staff before they can be implemented.

In the second case, the NCA decisions go directly to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and then to the executing commanders. There is no provision for the President of the United States to act unilaterally in either case. There is one possible exception to the presidential two-man rule. In the unlikely event a major nuclear power has unleashed a missile attack on the United States, our retaliatory response must be swift and certain. If the president hesitates or is otherwise uncertain what to do, a senior military officer will make the decision for him. Mr. President. This is the NMCC. Moscow and St. Petersburg. Our current president might respond by asking: What is SIOP? What does "withhold" mean? Instead of trying to hold a last-minute tutorial on nuclear war for Mr. Trump, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff will simply direct the NMCC to release an Emergency Action Message and execute the SIOP. The alternative would be widespread destruction in the United States without the benefit of retaliation. In this limited scenario, the two-man rule would be irrelevant. Conclusion. Blustering, threatening statements by the President of the United States do not advance the security or other interests of this country. They may be misunderstood by other countries, some of which have nuclear arsenals of their own. Further, since both nuclear and non-nuclear military missions are subject to a two-man decision rule for safety, response times are critically important if the United States is under attack. Our national leaders must always demonstrate maturity, professionalism, and restraint when discussing nuclear warfare.