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Brenden Wysynski Pretended To Be A Cop. A Real Cop Hauled Him Away

"Lara Justice" (2019-10-10)

Wearing jeans, a dark polo and an Air Force hat, Wysynski stopped a silver Nissan SUV for speeding, authorities said. In a police video, the 6-foot-2 teen’s gray Ford sedan can be seen with blue and red lights flashing. The driver had said that his sister was sick and that he was rushing to get to the hospital, police say Wysynski later told them. Albuquerque Police Officer Danny Anzo pulled over to assist what he believed to be another officer making a routine traffic stop but quickly realized something was odd, he told KOAT. "The vehicle that conducted the traffic stop didn’t have any markings, and the person that was standing outside wasn’t wearing a uniform, didn’t have any equipment on them," Anzo said as he recounted the incident. Wysynski, who described himself as a gamer, computer engineer and funny person on his private Facebook account, claimed to have been with the department for three years, according to Anzo, a 13-year veteran.

Although Wysynski had a Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Office badge attached to one of his hips, his youthful appearance made Anzo question more, the officer told the news outlet. When Anzo asked for clarification about Wysynski’s work department and for ID, the teen allegedly told the officer that he was "under equipped" and headed over to a courthouse. Wysynski was asked to sit in the back of Anzo’s cop car, which the officer said prompted a pretty quick confession. "I’m just going to be straight up honest with you," Wysynski said, according to Anzo. Anzo called a supervisor with the Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Office to check out the badge Wysynski was flashing. But the teen wasn’t done changing the details of his story, according to the police account of the event. Wysynski initially told Anzo that he had bought his fake badge online. But when the Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Office supervisor arrived on the scene, the teen claimed the badge had belonged to his late father.

The teen had purchased a real but outdated badge online, according to KOAT’s review of court documents. Officers found a revolver in a gun case, six magnum cartridges, a Go-Pro camera and handcuffs in Wysynski’s car, according to KOAT’s review of the police report. The teen also had red and white LED light bars, "warning notices," a BCSO bumper sticker, and a "thin blue line" vanity plate. Anzo could not be immediately reached, and the Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Office did not immediately respond to request for comment. Wysynski’s lawyer, public defender Carlos Scarborough, said a case like Wysynski’s isn’t seen very often. "We’re looking at a young man who in this case wasn’t out to hurt anyone. It seems he was concerned about community safety," he said in a statement. Wysynski’s Facebook page shows an affinity toward law enforcement and the armed services. He has liked the pages for many New Mexico-based law enforcement agencies, pro-cop President Trump and even the Blue Lives Matter page. Wysynski didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment. A bench trial is set for the morning of Nov. 6, according to public records. The likelihood that Wysynski will serve much time is low, according to Albuquerque-based criminal defense attorney David Serna, who mentioned that the courts in the area are fairly lenient and pointed out that the jails are overcrowded. "What he’s probably going to get is a stern warning and supervised probation," Serna said. "He’s going to be watched for a while to see if he can conform himself to society’s rule. Police say a man was impersonating officers. He turned out to be a state representative. She tried to steal a newborn by impersonating a social worker, police say. She wound up in jail.

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