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Should I Overthrow The President Of A Club I'm Currently In?

"Damaris McGlinn" (2019-10-10)

Should you overthrow the president of the club? You are aiming to look good in the long term. You are an introvert who loves to take their time and plan out everything. You are a business admin. The President seems deadset and passionate about the club. Well perhaps that is why he is President! Are you as deadset and passionate? The characteristics I listed about you - well do you feel you should replace the President? And well do you have evidence for all of your claims? If you do, and you're ready, present it all to the President or whoever is relevant in hopes that they will consider your proposal to replace them. This is the most diplomatic way I know. If they refuse, well you can try to ask others involved on what they think. The ones who think you should be president? Remember them, because you might want to start a club with them. You are feeling very stressed. But I think I am upset that you are doing this all to look good. You are good and you look good already. Now why are you trying to replace the President?

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I have said on more than one occasion that with trump we are in uncharted waters. In this case for the first time this country elected an international business man to be president. Because of his international dealings, there is a possibility that he has done something that could influence his decisions as president. Decisions that are not in the best interests of the American People, but would benefit some foreign country. Because of this real possibility, this type of candidate needs to be more transparent than the run of the mill politicians. Which means releasing financial information among other things. From the beginning trump has refused to release his tax returns. Now it’s at the point that the Federal Government is fighting to stop a release. Because financial decisions could lead to blackmail, at the very minimum accurate financial information release should be a requirement for all candidates running for president. As to not investigating a sitting president at all? How absolutely dumb is that. Bottom line, the American People have a right to know what he is hiding on those tax returns because of security reasons.

If he wants to keep them hidden, fine then resign as president. Congress can't see his tax returns. That's a job for prosecutors. Prosecutors can't see his tax returns. That's a job for Congress. "As President Trump tries to fight off multiple inquiries into his private finances — from state prosecutors, congressional committees and legal plaintiffs — he has gotten help from a powerful ally: the Justice Department. In at least three recent cases, the department — led by Attorney General William P. Barr, a Trump appointee — has intervened in lawsuits where Trump has personally sued those investigating him. In the most recent instance, on Wednesday, the department took Trump’s side in a federal lawsuit against the Manhattan district attorney. In that case, Trump has sought to block a subpoena for his tax returns — using the precedent-shattering argument that a sitting president shouldn’t be investigated by any prosecutor, for any reason, anywhere. The Justice Department didn’t explicitly embrace Trump’s broad arguments. The Justice Department has long defended presidents when they’ve been sued.

Now it is also jumping in to support Trump when he sues others — backing him up as he pushes for an expansion of presidential immunity. " of presidential privilege, District Attorney Cyrus Vance (D) wrote in a letter to the judge Thursday. Some critics of Trump are hoping that the new impeachment inquiry launched by House Democrats — while not connected to any of these existing suits — may help speed their path through the federal judiciary. The argument would be that, if Congress needs to know something about Trump’s private conduct, now is the time. The clock is ticking on this presidential term," said Brianne Gorod, chief counsel of the Constitutional Accountability Center, which is seeking records about Trump’s private business dealings with foreign governments. But it’s too early to tell whether that will be the case — or if, instead, the House’s focus on a separate investigation into Trump’s dealings with Ukraine will sap the urgency from these cases. During Trump’s term, federal lawyers have defended him against three lawsuits alleging he is violating the Constitution by continuing to do business with foreign governments through his family business.