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The Old And New Politics

"Karen Squires" (2019-10-10)

Something quite dramatic is happening in the political arena - a new vision nothing like the old politics of greed, hatred, and spin. Accustomed as we are to division, bickering, and animosity, this will take some getting used to - and may not happen in this cycle - but it is coming. Voicing principles without tearing down another comes from confidence. On the other hand, politicians and pundits that tear down those who don’t agree with them act from insecurity. In the same manner, not lashing out or striking back when someone disparages us comes from understanding, maturity, and strength, while the old eye for an eye mentality comes from hatred, smallness, and weakness. I think that we, as an electorate, are finally beginning to get it; we must live with those we vote for . Maybe we are finally coming around to the fact that we, the electorate, really are not weak and insecure, that we have enough courage to face whatever may come our way without huddling in fear with a bunker mentality.

Maybe this time we will see through the rhetoric and false bravado of those who want to deceive us. When a leader operates from insecurity and weakness, this fosters greed, hatred and selfish thinking, which is quite different from leaders who operate through confidence that fosters generosity, compassion, and clear thinking. Imagine a family that lives from greed, hatred, and muddled thinking. That family will have troubles upon troubles. The family members will learn to not trust each other and only look out for themselves, and soon the family will split apart. A nation is no different. When we look out for only our own selfish interests and viciously compete with each other rather than coming together for a common purpose, fear is always injected into the equation. It all begins with you and me. Can we find compassion inside of ourselves? We can’t criticize others if we operate from greed, hatred, fear, weakness and muddled thinking ourselves. We always have a choice between weakness and fear, and courage and compassion. One seems like courage but is cowardice, and the other seems like cowardice but is courageous. Please Register or Login to post new comment. It's Time to Shine!

Appreciate your right to rant, but your rants have to be on the topics of the hubs. So you are gone. This is a historical hub, hijack one of the political ones if you want to debate. What does this have to do with this hub. It took eight years to drag this Country down to near ruin, might take a little more than two years to fix all of his screwups. President Obama having been in office 19 months has not solved the economy and job issues. Unemployment remains at 9.7% and the deficit is sky rocking. Congress is not following PAY-GO legislation rules. 1.3 billion deficit. The budget will now go to the senate ,hopefully debated ,for approval. AMERICAN HISTORY,the first black president in the whitehouse was why many citizens voted for Barak Obama. I agree, you won't see that in many history books. Hopefully that will change. Thanks for the comment. On 6/25/10 glen beck show will introduce men of color who WERE instrumental in the building of our nation.

You won't see this in many history books. Yes it it. Thanks for reading. One thing more, I like the picture posted here it's cool! Thanks so much. Those who do not learn history are damned to repeat it. Phenomenal Hub. I guess its not for nothing that they say you need to study your history to know your future. Thanks for the comment. I had hear all this b4, but it was great 2 read them all in one story. Thanks 4 sharing these odd coicidences ! Interesting coincidences. I love the History Channel too. I love those History Channel shows. Very well written and quite fascinating. There is so much on the History Channel these days concerning our founding forefathers, especially in regards to Freemasonry. But much you've written about here is new news to me and quite interesting trivia. Thank you for posting. I count this among one of the best hubs I've read. Agreed, History is more than names and dates, but lessons live in the stories.