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What's (left) In Your Wallet?

"Ivey Loe" (2019-10-10)

The parade of promises is marching down Main Street. With crystal clear hindsight, every candidate criticizes the decisions of every incumbent, from the Town Council of Podunk to The Presidency itself. You've heard it all before; it never changes. But we all know that little will be accomplished. Ten years from now, we'll be grumbling about the same things that bothered us ten years ago! But we listen to (and sometimes even believe) the same garbage, campaign after campaign. Aren't you tired of this cycle of frustration? If you thought you could make a difference, would you try? As Investors, we represent the single biggest voter block in the country. Americans, no less than 75% have some form of investment portfolio plus an interest in the illusory Social Security Trust Fund. Investors have the power to elect the next president, change the tax code, fix Social Security, and strengthen the economy. In this rapidly "flattening" world, our non-leaders (in both parties) are unwittingly making us less competitive globally, more protectionist at home, and less attractive to foreign investment than ever before. Supra-Party. This (hypothetical) political party could well become the first choice of most investors, regardless of their portfolio size.

Investors must respond in one voice to the endless political drivel with a resounding "Money Talks, BS Walks". We are tired of trite promises, and circus sideshow antics. As Investors, we want less government, no name-calling, and fewer regulations. We want decision makers who design laws that aid economic freedoms, not lawmakers who make decisions that restrict them. Incumbent bashing is not a political platform and neither is picking the pockets of the most productive members of society. We want a change in attitude and we will fire those who don't appreciate the problem. BSW Party can rebuild a productive government, and without nominating our own representatives. The first step is to get the politicians out of Politics. Leave the "newbies" alone on the assumption that they still have the ability to think for themselves. But do what you can to get rid of any two-term person in any elected position, anywhere, regardless of name or party affiliation. If they've been in office that long, and Social Security Payments are still taxable, they do not share our agenda. BSW Party demands reform, change, and improvement in government attitudes toward investors. 1. Investment Income: Abolish the taxation of all forms of investment income at all levels, Federal, State, or Local. 3. Social Security Reform: Take Social Security out of the Public Sector and replace it with a mandatory, Deferred, Fixed-Annuity program within the private sector, funded by a 2% or less employee only premium. Absolutely never allow access to these retirement annuity accounts prior to retirement. 4. Tort Reform: Reform Tort Law at every level, and protect both businesses and individuals from frivolous lawsuits. Adopt a rule of personal responsibility for one's own stupidity, ignorance, and clumsiness.

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We are too invested in each other to let that happen here. I would like the world to see how Arizona handles our version of the Trayvon Martin incident and learn how it should be done as opposed to repeating what Florida did. 50 Caliber called my attention to this hub, and I'm glad he did. You did an excellent job of pointing out the double standard, or even triple standard, that exists when it comes to addressing and reporting crimes that have, and that do not have, racial overtones. Thank you so much for keeping this going. Our family has started a petition to the Phoenix Police and the DA. Any signatures we can get would be greatly appreciated. 50, appreciate you comment and your vote. What I question about the law is its application. I can say that I agree with you that the law does not apply in either of those cases, but will the jury see it that way for Zimmerman.